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Therefore, I’ve made the decision to to bring a rogue chapter in, and jump to the big connecting parts which make everyone time travel to Tiffany’s state right now. It’ll take quite a few parts, as a lot of things have changed, and people probs won’t be ready to take all that info in one go…

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A Walk Down Memory Lane (small part 2)

Tiffany looked out the window, as the scenery blurred as the bus moved at a constant speed. She took in a deep breath, as the vehicle slowly arrived at her destination, and she reached down into her bag to take out her metro card. The music shifted to a sadder song, as she made her way into the building and down the staircase, in time to catch her ride which was going to last for a good 25 minutes.

Taking a seat in the corner, she settled down with her backpack on her lap, and looked out once more, this time faced with darkness as the metro car raced past tunnels. She glanced at her watch, and started tapping her feet, but little did it calm her restlessness. Well Sayuri’s gonna get annoyed…


Gosh why is my life like this Tiff muttered as she entered the building and took the elevator up to Sayuri’s house. It’s always effin messed up. 

“Heyyyyyyyyyy” was the first thing Tiff managed to hear as she was engulfed in a big hug by Sayuri, her voice squealing at finally meeting up with her bestie.

“Uh..hey” was all she could say, even though she was really excited now that she’d arrived. Sayuri let go and rushed to get her things, as Tiff opened her phone and texted Kwan who was still studying.

‘Got here ehe…an hour late’

He replied that very second. ‘OMFG what is wrong with you’


‘Why the eff are u late?’

Tiff let out a chuckle. ‘At least I’m here’

‘I hate when people show up super late’

‘Pfft idc’

‘Well next time…DO’

‘Whatever’ she typed, before Sayuri rushed downstairs to put her shoes on. “Let’s gooooo” she said, and Tiff got up to follow her.

‘Gtg, see ya’ she sent before heading down to the metro station with Sayuri and they went on their awaited shopping trip together.


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A Walk Down Memory Lane (small part 1)

The wind rushed around Tiff’s ears as she ran to the bus stop, her bag swinging over her shoulder and heart beating quickly against her chest. Her getting ready took longer than expected, as she arrived just in time to see the bus leave without noticing her.

Dammit she thought. She walked over to the shade as she tried to stay calm.

Totally fine…you just missed your bus, even though you’re already 40 minutes past the time you were supposed to be there…another 15 minutes for the next bus is not really a big deal…is it??

She’d zoned out in her shower, and when she was done, she couldn’t get her outfit to look right, nor get her hair to sit straight. So much for having long hair…

And here she was waiting for the bus, staring out into space for another 15 minutes of her life. Kwan WAS right…I should’ve started walking right then… 

The sun shone hot on her neck, as she turned on her music as the beats strummed through her ears, putting a smile on her face. She watches the cars pass, as the wind continues to blow through her braids, and her cap shielding her eyes.

A couple of minutes had passed as the bus finally showed up, halting in front of her with the sign showing 8 min until departure. Tiffany glanced down at her watch, showing 1:38 on her watch, as her feet started tapping impatiently once she took a seat. I’ll have to end early with Sayuri today…

Hey guys, I haven’t gotten that much of a chance to update this chapter too much, so I’m putting up what I have so far. This chapter will go on for a bit, because even though I have all the plot set up, I need to get that huge time transition to fit new future conflicts I’m thinking of bringing up. 

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Ch.5 – A Walk Down Memory Lane (Part 1)

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So before you read this, I just wanted you all to know, that in this very chapter, I’ve changed quite a bit of my writing style, as I simply focus on JUST Tiffany’s character. This is a time wherein she’s going to be texting a lot, and will possibly swear, and occasionally have a lot of opinions. 

I DO want to know if you guys want me to cover stories on other characters’ perspectives too, and I hope you enjoy! 

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After days and days of continuously contemplating life during the summer, Tiffany awoke with a smile on her face….

Of course it looked hideous since her hair was standing up in all sorts of directions and she looked like the joker having a bad hair day – plus the drool and stuff ) – , but she still seemed happy that day.


Because she finally was going to go shopping, after having spent her first two weeks of summer break stuck at home, and lonely…Woohoooo

Staring into mirror as she admired how ghastly she could look in the morning, she switched her phone on, and checked for any messages.

3 snaps from Angela, 1 from Lauren, 8 from Lorenzo blah blah blah blah 

4 messages from Sayuri and…0 from Kwan…

She let out a sad sigh, as she shut the screen, trudging along the corridor to the bathroom.

Once again its ME who has to say something. How the eff could I even THINK Sayuri’s strategy could even work!? Of course he’ll not notice me once again…

Tiff could remember her long conversation with Sayuri, being told about the “scarcity principle” and how it worked a lot. She said it was worth a shot if she was that determined to fix it again, but getting over seemed the best idea.

But you see…getting over is the painful part. I can’t even bear it when he flirts with other girls. Tiff’s thought just seemed to get overwhelming, so she pushed it away as she washed up and headed on to breakfast.

Mmmm…crumpets, she said as she popped a few into the toaster and did the stupidest thing she could ever do…she sent a message to Kwan.

Scarcity principle my ass, she thought as she noticed he’d seen what she sent earlier, and shut her phone, trying to distract herself.

Fangirl-ing over Jimin I guess then…she thought as she switched to Youtube and began watching BTS videos, while munching on hot crumpets, smothered in melted butter.

Best strategy ever… until a message from Kwan popped up with a “hey”

Well guess who decided to reply. Despite how much she felt annoyed that he never bothered to text her first, the fact that he answered still made her happy.

I mean…it’s not often you have a guy who complains about stress to you…she thought, answering right away IDIOT!!

I guess I feel…special…he opened up…sorta…I mean…just to me…no…ugh…why do I think about him so MUCH!?!

She pushed her phone away, blinking away possibly tears and continued to eat her crumpet. She seemed okay the next few minutes, until not only did she remember the time, but Kwan decided to reply just then.

The fuck do you want to do to me dumbass she thought as she looked at what on her screen

“I’m tired”

Awww….wait what!? 

What time did you go to bed -_-” she typed, “lemme guess, 2am”

Kwan had been sleeping for less than 6 hours everyday, a result of continuous math classes, piled on with TOEFL studies and science. She’d talk to him everyday, hoping maybe her talking to him helped him feel better, but the more they spoke, the sadder she got because she thought she was the only one who cared. She worried every time she went to bed, him being the last thing on her mind, she’d wish she was smarter so she could help him…but she wasn’t.

No wonder he’d rather be crazy over other girls…i’m just a fat douchebag who annoys him…

“Yup” – “Sup?” he typed a minute later.

“Heading out shopping with Sayuri at 1pm..u?” she answered back. Tiff then had the feeling he’d ask how Sayu – Tiff’s nickname for Sayuri – was doing. Oh well…I’m a pain in the neck so I doubt he’ll ask stuff about me…

“Umm…isn’t it 12:15pm there?” he wrote.

“Yea…?” she answered, not expecting such an answer. “Why?” she added.

“Shouldn’t you be on the way to her house rn?” he continued. Well someone’s worried I’ll be late Kate…

“Yea I know…but I gotta eat first” she mentioned, and turned off her screen to finish the rest of her crumpets. After finishing, she saw his last message “Start walking Tiffany, or else u’ll be late”

She smiled as she walked back to her room and chose her outfit for the day, hurrying into the shower. OKay..you can do this…10 minutes is achievable… she thought as she stepped into the shower and tried to shower and shave as fast as she could.

After spending 5 minutes cutting herself more than 6 times, she rinsed the conditioner out of her, the water falling onto her face as her mind reeled back in time, to the day she wished she’d done better than what really happened.


Tiffany stared out the window as the car drove down the highway, the scent of freshly washed clothes filling the enclosed space in which she, Kwan, and her dad were seated in. 

They were headed over to Sayuri’s house, about 20 minutes away, and she’d convinced her dad to give Kwan a ride as they both headed there. It was meant for her French project, but she’d managed to pull a few strings and turn it into a double date. 

Pulling into the parking space in front of her house, she and Kwan met up with Greg, heading down to her house and setting out to their first park. The first 20 minutes for Tiffany were obviously a blur, since her very own crush was walking along with her guy best friend, and Sayuri. She not only thought she’d get Greg and Sayuri to get interested in one another, but she’d get to spend some quality time with the guy whom she had strong feelings for: Kwan. 

She walked on with Sayuri next to her, recording her surroundings and taking in the beauty of that day. 

They then spent a lot of it admiring the park’s scenery, and it was in that moment Tiff thought she and Kwan could BE something. 

They’d head out to a fast food restaurant, as Sayuri and Kwan got into a talk about a video game. Tiffany just leaned her head on his shoulder, and Kwan naturally put his hand on her head, while still playing “Nova”. 

Sitting there, her head rested on his shoulder, she wished she could stay there forever, zoning out the rest of the world as she watched her day come to an end, and his hand resting on her head.

Lesson Learned (Part 2)

Sadly, to Tiff’s utter disappointment, the day did get a teensy bit worse. Pauline decided to head the way to their ride “Flashback”, but ended up leading them to a sad zone. Right after, Kwan went over to the go-carts and started to go around the track, aggravating the already annoyed Tiffany who was already mad about their waste of time on going the wrong way.

To make matters worse, Toby and most of the gang besides Alec jumped onto the go-carts and started fooling around. Tiff was on the verge of bursting into flames, and began threatening her friend Lauren to get off by putting her back over the edge of a pond on their left.

8 minutes later, the whole group was gathered and heading to their ride, with Tiff fuming, and the rest telling her to calm down. They didn’t have much time, with about less than 45 minutes remaining. She prayed the line wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, which it sadly did, leaving them to wait an extra 10 minutes.

By the time they’d finished getting drenched in the water that sprayed on all sides during the ride, the group set out to their last ride, which was when Kwan and the group drew the last straw.

The new ride of the park “Pulsar”, was one Tiffany had really wanted to ride ever since she saw it on TV, but the ticket price stood in the way. So when the school’s last day treat to them was the park, she was determined to go on the ride.

As they approached the ride Kwan decided to voice out his discomfort on going on the ride. Noooooo Tiff thought, as she tried to convince him to maybe change his mind.

“I’m worried I’ll get sick again…rides with wheels” he explained. Tiffany rolled her eyes, but at the same time she really wanted him to go along with the rest of the group.

“I don’t wanna go either…I’ll stay here with Kwan, you guys go…” he stated, causing Tiff to go into a state of panic and sadness.

“Guys cmon! It’s the newest ride! Even I haven’t gone on it yet. We have to try it at least once!!!” she tried convincing, but everyone started to walk away.

“Hey Tiff, it’s almost time up. That ride’s waiting is 15 minutes, and the ride is 2-3 min, which puts you on borderline, and we all don’t want to be late, do we?” Toby explained, trying to get some sense into her. Tiff’s eyes were close to tears as the group walked away from the one ride she wanted to go on badly, even ignoring Lauren’s where’s Sharon and Pauline.

I just…wanted to go on this one ride the most…I thought everyone would want to go on it too…and it was also why I wanted to finish the good rides first…Tiff’s face reflected her sadness the further they got from all the rides. They’d even missed another good ride she had planned to get Alec to ride. She wanted to curl up and cry as her day just managed to go horribly wrong.

They approached their checkpoint for the end of the day, and sat down at a table, as the boys continued talking. Tiff put her head down on the table, wishing to disappear and not be seen again. Thinking this, her head was brought up by Kwan’s voice.

“Aw cmon Tiffany. You always do this. Get depressed after having such a good time. It’s just you who’s upset about it. Get over it.”

Says you she thought and put her head down. As much as she wanted to fix everything and change herself for Kwan, sometimes she’d break down and not want to do anything. She’d give up and blame herself for being such a horrible person to him.

She went home that day, after the yearbook signing and saying her goodbye to Alec, with that thought on her mind.

Walking into her room she slumped into her sofa, and cried herself to sleep for the rest of the evening.

He’s right.

Ch.4 – Lesson Learned (Part 1)

Her legs broke into a sprint, as her heart raced faster than a horse as the realization dawned on her. Her breath got labored, but she that didn’t stop her from running to the aid of the one person she truly loved and care about. She knew it was all her fault, his dizziness, her pushy attitude, even him getting sick after. Her eyes filled with tears, as a couple rolled down her cheeks, her cheeks turning red as she…

Okay well Tiff didn’t cry…and she obviously didn’t run that fast, plus Kwan wasn’t “dying”. But in the world of teens a lot of stuff often gets “over-dramatic” and Tiffany’s the kind of teenager who is known to overreact and overthink everything. Which is why she was the most reluctant to go and help out with Kwan, but guess what – her friends weren’t like her and said to leave him alone.

“I don’t think he’ll want us to see him in a state of sickness Tiffany, just leave him be. Waiting out here is stupid too, let’s go on a ride as he recovers.” The eff I’ll walk off when my guy friend is in there sick as hell and its all my fault. You don’t give as much a sh*t as me is not ma fault.

Being the bystander while her friends were hurt was not Tiffany’s policy, whether the person wanted to be left alone or not. If a person was depressed and wanted to be alone, fine…for a couple of seconds she’d leave him or her be, but right after, she’d be by their side because she couldn’t bear to even see them in that very state.

Kwan might be in a bad state, maybe SHARON thinks he’s the kind too embarrassed to even show his vulnerable side, but she didn’t care if he wanted to hide his real side from the rest of the world. I wanna be there for him and I don’t give a damn if he’s embarrassed. The two of us know each other long enough to not really care if we show our bad sides. Tiff’s mind was a disarray of thoughts and emotions, and it was also why she didn’t listen to Sharon as she walked over to the entrance of the toilets and waited.

Pauline and Sharon just followed her, despite Sharon looking at Tiffany in a “what the heck are you doing” way.

Lauren and Sayuri showed up a minute later, obviously worried since Tiff had run off with Lauren’s backpack, which she realized was still wearing it face front. The girls explained what happen, and just nodded as Sayuri fetched a cooling pack from her bag and walked over to the guys walking out.

Alec and Toby came out first, as Kwan followed with another T-shirt on.

“Oh my god are you okay?,” Tiffany inquired, her hype a little too much for the issue at hand.

“Yea I’m fine, i’m fine.” he muttered, squinting in the sunlight as he gathered his surroundings. Sayuri opened up the cooler as she placed it on the back of his neck, her motherly gesture surprising everyone. Reluctantly, Tiffany helped him put it on properly, as the group of teenagers began moving towards another destination.

“Let’s head to a ride with water” Sharon suggested, trying to change the subject away from Kwan’s earlier mishap.

“I’d rather not go on any rides I think” Kwan uttered, quieting down and walked along. The group then fell silent for the next few seconds, and switched to separate conversations. Tiffany fell behind to walk next to Kwan, and put her arms on his shoulders, adjusting the coolant stuck on his neck.

“You sure you okay? You look a little queasy” she inquired, playing around by moving him forward with his shoulders.

“I surprisingly feel much better,” he began “…a lot better from before the rollercoaster itself” He turned to catch a glimpse of screaming people on another ride, as all her friends looked at it in awe.

“I don’t think those rides are ones I’d want to go on for the time being” he then added, looking away as they headed onwards to another part of the park.

“Maybe we’ll go to Flashback!” Tiffany explained, a small smile plastered to her face, to avoid bursting into a maniac and going OH CMON WE NEED TO Go ON ALL THE SCARY RIDES FOR ALEC! 

“It has a lot of water involved, and since you’re more or less dehydrated according to Sayuri, it’ll relieve you of today’s unusually hot day and you’ll have fun!” she added, controlling his walking as a sign of being playful.

She already felt terrible for being pushy, and wanted to make up for it as they headed on to the next ride, hoping nothing would go wrong the rest of the day.


And that’s the end of this part folks! 

Just wanted to let you all know this one’s a short chapter, so it’ll end in possibly just one more part 😛

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