My Super-Duper Crazy Wishlist

Inspired by… the word wishlist and my birthday today!!!

Everybody in this world always has something in the world they wish for so much, that they even sweet talk with God to make it come true. But in my dreamy head, I have WAAAAY too many things to ask for, and I would like to share it with you all. And do comment if you happen to have any wish in similar with me 🙂

There you go…

  1. Own the Hairbrush straightener (as seen on TV)
  2. Go to New York
  3. Own any latest iPhone on this planet (never had one, but would love one)
  4. Meet Tom Cruise
  5. Write a novel
  6. Go skydiving
  7. Own a pair of UGGs
  8. Become a famous blogger
  9. Eat a taco
  10. Eat Ramen noodles (so as to not disappoint a friend of mine)
  11. Study in the US
  12. Have the most awesome closet on Earth
  13. Overcome my fear of the darkness
  14. Become a scientist
  15. Live a 120 years
  16. Have at least a thousand LPS (Littlest Pet Shop)
  17. Go to a concert (never been to one, and I want the first to be Adele)
  18. Ride the scariest or longest roller coaster with my friends
  19. Travel to every single continent including Antarctica
  20. Like Math class
  21. Become a Singer
  22. Have a dog (a golden retriever!!!)
  23. Successfully knit a sweater on my own
  24. Celebrate my birthday with my friends ON the day ( my bday is always in the middle of summer when all my besties are away on holiday)
  25. Have this Ted Baker dress
  26. ted-baker-pink-verity-dropped-hem-dress-product-1-20191456-1-130960588-normal
  27. Own a pair of heels
  28. Bake the perfect chocolate cake
  29. Have my own Macbook
  30. Meet Pewdiepie (LOVE his videos)
  31. Visit Singapore
  32. Meet my Mr. Perfect

And that is all I have of my new wishlist. My old one is on my old Blogger Blog here.

If you want to read my old blog, here is a link. After discovering WordPress through a classmate, I decided to discontinue blogging on my old blog, and also because of the decreased views and no comments on it. But all that is in the past.

Stay Awesome!!!!!! 🙂




What Summer does to Teens like ME

When it comes to the last week of school, almost every teen in this chaotic world of ours can’t wait to ditch their backpacks, books and any other item related to school with a smile signifying that “I won’t be touching them for the next month or two” But there are some teens in this world like me, who for some reason always end up not going anyplace fun, and all their friends become the lucky winners to go somewhere halfway across the world. If you’re really unlucky, they never give you updates, leaving you to sit around and keep dreading the unfortunate and hot days that you have to spend doing SOMETHING interesting until the first day of school.

But of course, not many like that situation either, but it’s at least better than nothing.

The GAME DESPERATION: It’s almost halfway through the summer break, and the only thing that is keeping me alive is the Sims 2 game where I’m doing quite well. I am not the kind of person who plays video games everyday to distract themselves, especially from homework (well…i sometimes do), but summer has made me do so.So gaming is a risk for teens like me.


Le paresseux personne (the lazy person) Summer being everyone’s time to relax from torturous PE has extremely decreased my fitness level so much that in extreme cases, I’ve had my brother pass me the remote which is just a slight move and arm length away. Yes, summer can make people like me extremely lazy non-ill people.


The Late Shiner: With the sudden relief of  not having to wake up early the next day or go to bed early the next day, teens like me decide to enjoy life and go to bed at extremely late time like exactly at midnight or even at 2 in the morning. And in some situations, like my used to be extreme cases, waking up the next day at noon and having to have a brunch or messing up the whole daily mealtime.

This ones for book lovers like me…

The Desperate BOOKWORM: This usually starts for me in the beginning of any kind of break, which involves a sudden need to keep reading. I ended up completing 6-7 books (300-400 pages long) in my first two weeks of break this year, with each book done in 2 days. Trust me, it is scary and yet addictive like…(besides the obvious drug consumption)…anything that is addictive. The desperation for reading can start fading over the few weeks that you find other ways to pass your time, but the initial effect is crazy. Currently, I’m on my twelfth book of this summer, and am determined to read at least 8 more. But in the end, this effect of summer is helpful for teens like me who are in the stages to going to high school and beginning advanced types of literature.


And that sums up all the things that summer has done to a teen like me so far, and who knows what other things occur over the few days.