Make your Own Kawaii Cat-tato! ^=^

Interested in making your own Kawaii Cat?? Follow this step-by-step DIY to unleash your cuteness!


No idea how you rotate a pic on WordPress…

Part 1: The Drawing part

Step One: Get your drawing and coloring material to get started.


You’ll need:

  • A piece of paper (or two)
  • A pencil case with stuff like pencils, an eraser, a marker pen (if it’s black and thin, it’ll do)
  • Color pencils or anything that you can color with and it has your fave shades
  • A scooby-doo if you get bored
  • An iPod or something to listen to for inspiration while you draw

Step Two: To start off your cat, draw a huge oval (like a potato); The size isn’t final. If you want a chubby cat, a smaller potato can be drawn, or if you want a big and slim one, a longer potato. No potato is the same.


Step Three: To really make the difference between a potato and a cat-tato, one needs their own perfect set of cat ears. There’s no specific type of ear, so it is all up to your imagination of your typical cat-tato to design the different body parts in this DIY.


Step Four: Now that you have your cat-tato half recognizable, it’s time to add the most important element in this drawing that makes this a kawaii cat. The eyes are supposedly circular, but creativity has no limits, so any shape according to your tastes is fine. You also need to draw two ovals, one big, and diagonally opposite to it, a smaller oval. The mouth, in my drawing is like a small “w” but it’s curves are wider.

Step Five: Paws are optional, but it does help in emphasizing a lot more the cat features of this kawaii potato. As always your creativity can take over for this step instead of copying what I’ve drawn.


Step Six: It’s time for your cat’s tail. It could be fluffy, simple, spotty, striped or hued, and it’s placement is up to you, but I best prefer to keep it at the side.


Step Seven: Another optional feature, this is a simple petal-like hair style for your cat-tato that can also have patterns on it!


Step Eight: Now that we’re at the end of the drawing part, you can choose to add certain patterns to your drawing a streak in the petal-hair, or a contrast in the ears. I usually prefer to leave my cat-tatos as a sketch as it looks pretty that way, but it seems they look cuter in color (friends’ opinions).



Now before you begin the fun part of this DIY, the choice of outlining the cat is completely upto you, though I suggest you at least outline the eyes. If you choose to outline, please see to it the marker has a thin point as my first attempt completely failed with a thicker marker.

Me being a girl who often ends up forgeting when the most important pictures come, I completely forgot to take pics when I was busy coloring it in, but here’s briefly what I did.

Firstly I decided to use two shades of purple for the various body parts, and a cute pink color for the body and parts of the tail. To give it a sort of tinged look I used both the purple shades (violet and purple) together. 

Secondly (a part that I ended up photographing) I added a few stripes (3-4 is best) and outline the whole cat (the pencil marks) with the darkest color I used. 

And you have finally have an adorable Kawaii Cat-tato. My very own design I feel proud to end up drawing it again for others to try and would love to know it you’d like some more!


Ze final product! 


And if you feel like it, you can cut it out and put it anywhere you like 😀

Stay Awesome!! 🙂





One comment

  1. Marc-André · August 2, 2016

    Awwwww!!!!! I want one haha


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