A Guide to how a Tooth Extraction goes…

Just a few hours ago, I just had a non-painful tooth extraction of my premolars. A huge sacrifice (I feel a part of me left with it…just kidding) and I think for those of you who haven’t yet had a tooth removed in their lives (, here’s how it possibly goes…



  • Because this is your first tooth removal, you might get that twingey (if that is even a word) stomachy (lol) feeling that gives you a feeling of throwing up, even though you know you’re not stupid enough to do so. A good tip to distract yourself is (in my opinion) trying to read any of the magazines you see in the waiting room, and cross fingers that you flip through it in your mind when the dentist does his/her work. 
  • So now that you’re in the dentist’s room (your nerves are going helter skelter cuz you’re so scared) look around and start judging by the room if you think the dentist is nice or a mean one who doesn’t care. Talking to them usually helps you tell better, but usually, I think all dentists are nice and kind. 


  • I always find it really weird when sitting in the patient’s chair when at a dentist, because it feels very weird when they take the backrest down, and at times my head still stays up instead of relaxing which can at times be pretty embarassing. Next the dentist puts on their light, and you suddenly feel like you’re in a spaceship and there are aliens ready to cut you open to see your insides. (Well, not really, but the fact that your heart starts beating faster because someone’s putting stuff in your mouth and taking it off is like having aliens test on you)
  • I feel the only painful part of this whole procedure is when you’re given the anesthesia, mainly because the needles feel like pinches on your gums (which can be painful for some), and the bitter taste of some liquid that manages to come on your tongue. And being someone who hates bitter stuff (who doesn’t?), I’m too anxious to swallow something the person taking my teeth out puts in my mouth. 
  • Now the anesthesia is kicking in, which is funny and yet very, VERY weird. It’s a feeling like having a HUGE wad of cotton put into your mouth, and pushed against whatever-side-being-operated-on cheek. It is relief though to know you won’t feel a thing, but trust me, you’ll regret it later. 



  • I think this experience usually differs on the type of teeth you’re getting pulled, but nonetheless, it feels the same in pulling (though a permanent one feels…shocking cuz you though they were permanent for life). 
  • The feeling is like something pushing against your teeth, but you feel no pain, and when it’s out it’s almost like “Wait! When did that get out?” even though if you say no one is going to understand what you just said. 
  • My most favorite part of this whole process is this: Looking at that marvelous tooth that managed to get out, and it’s even cooler for permanents because their roots are soooooo long!  My dentist let me keep them in a cool container 😀
  • Don’t worry about the blood though, because you can’t feel a thing, which is also like saying you have a small bruise, when in reality you have a huge hole which is either gonna be empty forever or a new tooth might appear for the milkies

THE AFTERMATH (usually on the ride home)


Here’s the part that you regret having anesthesia for 2 main reasons: 

  • You look ridiculous. I don’t want to be offensive to anyone, but it’s the horrible truth. Because half your face is numb, and you can’t feel a thing, it is also very hard to control that part, so when you laugh, smile or even try to make a straight face, your mouth will look completely asymmetrical. But don’t worry, once the anesthesia wears off (which is at least 3-4 hours), your whole face will be completely fine. Even the funny talking which you’ll have will wear off, but more quickly than the face.
  • The PAIN gains consciousness. A horrible experience for me just this morning, you’ll feel like you’re in a horror movie (more like the ones where you’re possessed), and you’re the villain torturing the people around you (especially your parents and/siblings). The pain gets unbearable unless you take your prescribes painkillers on time, and please see to it you get home immediately, because if you’re young, and your parents go shopping and decide to leave you in the car, people might think you’re kidnapped and crying for help.

Now when you’re home there are a few things you need to be prepared for, and it will either be something to look forward to, or something to dread. 

  • You won’t be able to eat from one side of mouth because of open wound. It does get tempting if it’s a tooth a bit more to the front, but trust me (even though I haven’t tried), you wouldn’t want food going into those gaping holes.
  • The HORROR you see before you…when you look at yourself in the mirror. I’m not saying everyone does it, but many are curious enough to know how weird or changed their mouths look, whether they can smile without showing the gap and whatnot one would like to know through imagery, after having their tooth removed.
  • Missing your tooth. You might not be sentimental, and you might not really care about losing stuff, but for some reason, that open space where your tooth was, really does make you miss it no matter who you are. *sad music in background*
  • And last of all…ICE CREAM!!!! A number 1 healing your soul and reducing your pain product, this is one thing to always look forward to after an extraction, and flavour doesn’t matter, as long as it is cool and tasty 😀


That does it for how a tooth extraction day goes for person, with me happily writing to you about with a still slightly numb mouth, and an ice-cream filled stomach. Do share (comment) your experiences, and if you have any questions, just comment them below!

Stay Awesome! 😉


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