Why Blogging and Summer don’t work for me…

It’s sort of been a while since I last posted a blog, and, well…here’s why. When a teen like me finally gets a whole month of no school for themselves, or like any person gets such break, they ought to have fun, right? Blogging can be fun at times, but it is hard to muster up all that enthusiasm and deliver a post on that particular day. One reason why, whenever I tell you I’m going to post something every week, don’t try to look forward too much, especially after next week…

Anyways, I actually spent most of my summer SIMMING! Which means I played the Sims 3 for like days (not really because I just got the game two days ago, and played the older version before it…but who cares!). It’s actually a pretty cool book, and I really recommend it for teens who have nothing to do in their life, and would like to waste it away doing nothing with the life of a virtual one (just kidding!)

But here is the truth to anyone who reads my blog. Only expect 1 post from me a week. If you see 2, then I’m probably having a rush of ideas and wanna post them, but otherwise…yeah, just one post. I will try and make up the Ultimate Friendship Guide post by tonight or the end of this week, especially because school’s start soon (mine’s next week!  *panicked runs like a zombie in room*).

I’ve also had this idea of posting of this new legacy challenge I’ve started on Sims 3 (my first one!), and sharing the story with you all. And I think instead of deciding how many kids they have and stuff, I think I’ll just keep it on the opinions of all you viewers out there.

So…that’s all I have to say!

Bon journée tous le monde and Stay Awesome! 😀



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