How My First Day of School went…

Just 3 days ago, I had my first day of school with a lot excitement and dread, and as  it was a very short week (school starting on Wednesday- who does that?) I feel it is worth sharing with people who really give a damn about first days of school.

But before we start I have the honor to tell you that now that I have my school computer (with QWERTY and AZERTY keyboard), I don’t have to worry about getting in trouble for blogging on the family computer!!!!! HURRAY!!!!

You must be thinking What on Earth are you talking about??, and you are ultimately right to think so because I never really mentioned anything like this in any other posts (silly me), but it feels good to share, so please just shut your mouth and keep reading.

Although I did mention that  I was going to do some Sims 3 thingy, but all my pictures are on another computer, and now that I’m a sort of occupied with a higher level of studies and even more homework, I don’t think I’ll really get to play that much (probably not until school’s over)

So let’s just move on to how my first day went:

The first huge problem I had that day (yeah, started out with a problem) was that I just couldn’t get my hair right. If you’re a girl I’m sure you can relate to the fact that when you try it for fun, it turns out perfect, then when you attempt before you go to school, it’s a disaster no matter what. The hairstyle I dearly wanted need something my mom couldn’t seem to find or buy so I made do with leaving my hair down (which is always a mistake after 3 hours into the day).

I was okay until we reached school, but my parents didn’t want me to reach too late, so I reach too early instead. Someone back in the past (no idea when or who) said the early bird gets the worm… Well I think your time had that motto, but in school, if you’re early, you probably will be wasting 30 minutes or so of your life, because all your friends come way later. And it’s even worse on the first day of school, because you have no idea where to meet your friends, and I ended up sticking to girl younger to me until I found other people to meet.

So yeah, my first hour wasn’t that good, but it got a little better once I met this guy, let’s just call him Tom. At first he seemed cool, and quite funny, but once people get comfortable, the TRUTH comes around. All my teachers were quite cool for the ten minutes I spent with them, but now that my classes have doubled in time to 1 hour and 30 minutes, it is hard to imagine how I can survive.

I did spend tons of time with my besties, and actually met two new girls. Now my friend/lunch table group is like 9-10 people huge. Didn’t think of inviting Tom with us, because he’s like the only guy in the group, so I handed him over to my guy friends to take care. Turns out after lunch, he was all alone, even after speaking to the Frenchies who seemed interested in befriending him.

Later when we met our PL Advisory group, we just chilled spoke about how boring or lonely we are in classes and wished for the day to end. I also did find out I have 2 classes with Jake (not his real name).

To end of the day, we just chilled out in the hot rays of sun (and when it should have been that way 3 weeks ago instead of now) and ate Popsicles, even though I threw mine out because I feel I’m the slowest popsicle eater on earth, so never expect me ever be hurried up in the process.

And then I just waited 30 extra minutes for my dad to come in the heat with my annoying brother and went home to just chill. Best boon of the day: no homework on the first day.


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