How To Successfully Befriend Someone of the Opposite Sex

Another UFBG blog post, I finally have a topic I can actually talk proper about! If you have no idea what UFBG stands for or it, you can just see the intro blog post here, and it you think you’re smart enough to figure it out without, then *slow claps*

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As you all know, I have quite a decent amount of guy friends (or I’m just imagining I said so in my previous posts) and it’s mostly because I have certain things or methods that I without knowing use and end up with at least one new guy friend a year. So, I thought why not share if with all you guys, because it also ends up completing my quota for this week and for UFBG!

This works for both gender (why else is the title phrased like that) and has an easy and hard way.

But before you move on to any of it, here’s an important point to keep in mind- it’s not the same as befriending people the same gender as you, so you have to be a little open-minded to what guys/girls’ interests are and also be confident when talking to them. It can be tricky if you’re doing for the first time.

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It won’t really be a step by step guide, but it’ll involve situations with two options (like I sort of just said) and you can choose which one is doable by you!

So you’re spending some time at school/anywhere else where tons of people are there with your buds. Whilst in conversation, you glance across the hallway/or a place across your friends and you notice a guy/girl whom you know or just feel a connection to. 

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The Easy Way: You make a mental note of seeing if you’re in the same classes and say ‘hi’ to them then.

The Hard Way: You excuse yourself from your friends and go an introduce yourself to them. Asking them to hang out with you and your friends could be a choice if they’re new, but if not, you could just find out for common classes and tell them to meet you then.

Now that you finally know them (a little bit), you need to decide how it is you’re going to start to get to know them better! 

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The Easy Way: You just stick to your classes or meeting places, but if they’re nice enough to offer they’re contact details, you could try talking over social media or the phone. *note- this process does take a little bit more time (like almost 3-4 months acc. to me), so if you’re not impatient like me, you’re fine with this process. 

The Hard Way: You feel you need more time a day, so you decide to hang out with his/her friends (if they’re new just see to it you always have them around, unless they need more space) and get to know the other a lot more faster. If you’re daunting enough, you could be the one to ask them for their contact details!

Mostly, by this stage you’re way better friends, and it’s your choice if you want to stay the same or become besties or something.

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  • The main reason many people have trouble is because they’re extremely shy, but trust me, after that first time you get to know them, you might meet tons of new personalities!
  • As mentioned before, the more open-minded you are to what the opposite sex likes, the easier it makes the harder way for you!
  • If you find it extremely difficult to even find people, you’ll need to open your eyes a little more and start talking to your classmates a little more.


  • Do NOT try to change yourself for the other just so you can be friends. If this person doesn’t accept you for who you are, then they’re just very stereotypical people.
  • Being too clingy makes the other feel weird or that you have a crush on them (and if you do, take it a notch down, pal), so giving them their space at times won’t get them weirded out…
  • Doing the opposite of the point above just makes it more boring and difficult for you to get them to like you as a friend because they barely get to talk to you, so sort go in the middle of this and the point above.
  • But just because you want a new friend, doesn’t mean you don’t stay true to your gender group. They’re actually the best to help you out, and if your new friends turns out to be a total…(idk), you have them at least to feel better.

So, with a nice smile and personality, go on! Make your new friend!

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If you do have any questions, or your situation is sort of different, just comment down below. Or, if you used a different method, what is it? Just feel free to tell me 🙂

Stay Awesome 😀



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