Hair care Tips from one who Hates her hair

If you don’t know me(like most of the world), I am known to hate my hair a lot. And by a lot, I literally mean A LOT! If one day my hair is perfect like in a picture, the next day when it doesn’t turn out right, you’ll immediately see me trying to pull all my hair out. Though the pain is too much to even attempt, so I just let it sit there and stay fuzzy.

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You see, Google is a horrible place when it comes to people with hair like me (no offense Google, you do rock). I seem to have a super weird mix. I was born with super curly hair, so whenever I wash my hair and condition it (or when it’s wet), it is very curly. But then I go to brush it and it becomes the biggest bush of hair on earth. Over a little coconut oiling and other extreme methods, I finally have the daily hair my friends see, which is wavy and nicely curled at the ends (which my friends always don’t believe to be natural).

My hair can never be straight until straightened with a hot iron, which I’ve only used thrice in my entire life (or 4 times, idk) And all those have been after a new hair cut. So my hair is different. It’s a super super SUPER dark brown (not black) and it is very thick. It’s not like all you people who aren’t from south east Asia, the smoothness and softness that you all have. Buenissimo!

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Anyways (back to topic!), I’m very happy to present to all you girls who are like me (if there really are because I think I’m like the only one), a nice set of hair care tips which I have attempted and it has worked incredibly. If you’re Indian, purrrrfect, you can relate, and if you’re not, well then your should see if it could work for you 🙂

#1: Keeping it nice and nourished: Our hair can turn dry up quite a few times (or like all the time), so it is quite necessary that one has nourished their hair once in a while a day or two before they wash their hair. I usually use coconut oil (the one that is meant for HAIR not FOOD) and rub it onto my HAIR, not my scalp or in a pan. Putting it on your scalp just makes it drip down to your face and make it oily and smells start to come in extreme cases (which just means I’ve been there).

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#2: Washing table: The fact that dry hair is super hard to take care of, I suggest if you have thick and sort of wavy/curly hair, washing your hair daily can be quite annoying as your hair never sets right and you always have dry hair. So it’s best you wash your hair once every two days and if you’re brave enough, you could wash your hair once a week! (but showering must be done, you can do just body if you want as well)

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#3: Brushes, materials: You need to have good brushes for your type of hair. I have had a childhood with just combs, but after the discovery of brushes, I’m never going to let the smooth touch of a brush ever go away. So have a nice HUGE brush, along with strong hair ties as your hair is huge and needs good holders (just like… know stuff on your chest). Conditioner is always your best friend as it sees to it your hair is not too dry to be rough, so always have one on trips, because Shampoos help clean, but conditioners make it better (don’t ever use a 2 in 1 shampoo pack, as the results are even worse and you’ll suffer like crazy- trust me, been there)

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#4 Hairstyles: Now whenever I seem to have googled stuff about hairstyles for my type of hair, I end up seeing dirty blonde hair put up in the AWESOMEST of braids, which my medium layered+dry and fuzzy hair cannot handle. Even though I have made my mind about letting it grow out for 9th grade, I have discovered a few hairstyles that might work, even though I don’t really have pictures. Google ones could work, and even though you might think “Ma hair is SO NOT gonna fit that” trust me, I tried this WITHOUT Googling about it, and I have managed to look presentable almost all the time in it.

Here’s a list: 

  • Half Ponytail
Image result for small ponytail and hair let down

Sorta this way, except the hair is shorter 🙂

  • Hair clip version of Half-ponytail
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This one, but your hair XD

  • A Banana Hair Clip Hairstyle (yet to try)- this hairstyle, I super duper want to do, but since you don’t get the hair clip here in this part of Europe, I have to wait till I’m in India to get a few. Do comment if you’ve tried this!! 🙂
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So, just replace her hair with your hair, and you can achieve something like this 😀

And I think that is most of the “new” hairstyles I have attempted this year that have turned out good enough. Otherwise, leaving your hair (if it stays right) or a simple mid-height ponytail does the trick (don’t always leave it as a ponytail).

I did attempt the waterfall braid on my hair, but because it is ME doing it on MYSELF, I sorta failed by having one side braid super nice and pretty, while the other suffered my impatience wrath and turned out all wonky. The day I succeed, I will celebrate 😀

Otherwise, I really hope you enjoyed this post, and do comment for any suggestions of what I could blog more about, and any questions if you even have any 🙂

Stay Awesome! 😀

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Why I Don’t Blog Like I Usually Do…

Hello Peoples!!

Okay, so I just wanted to keep this simple, mainly because I am super sleepy right now, and because I don’t want to be a zombie at school in class tomorrow.

You see, in my interesting school, 9th grade is considered as Middle School, but most of it is space related, so they changed the whole system. Which means, I am technically a freshman, but I am treated as the higher grade of Middle School. This in some ways is pretty cool, and in most is NOT!

I have a TON of responsibilities on my shoulders these days, and even though I manage to blog on my imaginary Vanessa’s diary (random stories), coming up with interesting posts (which I might have, but is too much work) and posting them so that everyone can read them is PRETTY hard to do.

DON’T WORRY, I am not going to post like this every now and then. I’ll try my best to get some quality work that I have been doing, and hope you all understand (of course you do! you’re bloggers!!)

Stay Awesome, and follow for any updates!!!!!

Vivian 😀


Identifying who really is a True Friend

Now obviously there might be people on this platform who might have published stuff like this, or you might just be that person who’s all like “Pfffft, I already know this stuff..“, but I feel that’s not true. It’s always in our mind that we know exactly who out true friends are, and I totally respect that, but then when one of them actually stabs you in the back, you tend to get depressed and lonely…

So, I’ve tried using one of my truest of friends ever’s example in showing everyone who really is a true friend. To just keep her identity safe, let’s just call her Emily.

Now Emily came to my school (international) 2 years ago in 7th grade, and she wasn’t really that good at English, which made it super duper hard to communicate with her. I at first thought my other set of friends were amazing and that we’d stay that way for the whole time in Middle School. Obviously, you can predict what happens once the next year starts.

Anyways, Emily started to hang out with us, and sit with us at lunch with my other 6 friends, out of which I was the closest to some other girl, let’s say Camille. When someone doesn’t know another’s language that well, it’s really hard to communicate and get to know the other, which is why Emily was always a little outcast at our table. So, she moved on to sitting with people in her English Learning classes and got along just fine with them.

So I’m left with tons of my friends, us feeling like a small burden just got lifted off with Emily’s departure, but in the end, it just made the whole situation worse. One of the girls in my group decided that me and Camille weren’t it to be part of the group, and over time, all the friends that I thought were true the way they were, just turned their backs on me. Camille and I were left to fend for ourselves and start anew in the next year of 8th grade.

Having learnt my lesson about big groups, I decided to start small and befriended a new student, Aiden (not his real name) and we hit it off. Camille was overjoyed, especially since her new opening as a person (opening up to me) and having a guy friend. This year was also the time when I opened up so much I had tons of guy friends, and it sorta also became my guy-friend phase.

Going back to Aiden, we were always hanging out, went for a movie (with Camille always wanting to tag along) that just 3 and half months into the school year, Camille started to get a little obsessive about being around Aiden. She was so…reluctant to ever not be there when me and him hung out that once when I did decide to invite my other new friends and him, and not her, she flipped and lied to adults to get me into trouble. I didn’t understand what was wrong about not having her around for just one time, but she didn’t think so and I ended up getting punished for ME doing the wrong thing.

Camille was known for a history of being left out and thinking her mental learning problem to be taken advantage of. It hurt my feelings that because of her, I was losing the friend, I BEFRIENDED. But nonetheless, she made many think it was my fault (mostly the adults she involved) and I could never be the same as I thought those first 2 months.

So I decided to move on and just start to stay with people whom it was easier for me to talk to, without having to be forced to only listen to Camille talk about herself all the time. They accepted me, and I enjoyed the company, but a month or two later, I felt I wasn’t being myself. Something didn’t feel right, and I didn’t know what to do anymore.

One day, I just decided that I’d just try sitting with Emily once in a while at lunchtime. We already had 2 classes together that we were close in (she was speaking way better now), so it was easier and I enjoyed sitting at lunch with her. In the end, I drifted off from those other people, and the rest of the year was spent with Emily and all her other friends. Emily didn’t care that we didn’t talk much in 7th grade, she knew it had been hard anyway, and she accepted me for who I was, and also knew that it wasn’t my fault for what happened to Camille.

I felt happy with Emily, she was always there for me the rest of the year, I met tons of other people who didn’t care about my past with others, and they accepted me for who I was and not my any looks or background. I found my true friend, and others who could be so, and I knew they’d stick by me for as long as they can.

That is what I’d like everyone to know. A true friend isn’t one who’ll tell everybody your secrets, or stab you in the back if you hang out with someone else without them. They might be funny, caring, and trustworthy at first, but the choice of being that way for all time is what decides whether they’ll stick by you or not. We all know it’s very hard to find that true friend because the world today is so judge-y these days, and sometimes people have to have a super bad time to know whose the true pal. But it’s always worth it, because the moment you know, you’ll never have to think twice again.

Hope you enjoyed reading this,and..

Stay Awesome! 😀