No One’s Online!? – A Frustrated Teen’s Poem

Blocked by my newest friend

GRREAT! No one’s online!


Are there monsters in the dark??

There’s a metal one on my face!


My rooms in a mess!

Wait…where’s my favorite jeans???


Oh GOD there’s atest tomorrow!!!

Still no friends online?!


My teeth are so sore…

Never gonna forgive Jim, NEVER


Why isn’t anyone online??

I have Mathomework due tomorrow…


My life is SO UNFAIR!

OMG! The lights just went off…

No Wifi now, so no Whatsapp 😦

What time is it??


I hate Jim, I so hate him

I wish Yoda were here…


No sign of life online anymore

I’m probably going to be dead by tomorrow.


I hope you liked it, I’d love to get some kind of feedback because I am new to writing poems (and I extremely suck). Fall break is coming around the corner so…


Vivian ❤


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