When Love Stabs You in the Heart…

This afternoon

Class is almost over, and my heart starts to beat faster at every second that passes on the clock. I’ve taken all that I need, and I won’t require going to my locker. I am surely going to love to walk with Coby once again.

Time ticking by, I fool around a little more on my Geometry Project and *RING* the class is OVER! I steadily start to pack my bags, making sure nothing is left behind.

“Are you going downstairs as well, Derek?” I ask, trying my best to contain the box of excitement ready to explode from my chest.

“You kidding?” he replies, a smirk on his face, “I always go downstairs! My locker’s next to Coby, and I’m pretty happy about that…”

“What about your locker?” I inquire, confused. But nobody has time for that, and I follow him out towards the staircase. Just the day before, I was lucky enough to catch Coby and Derek in time (well first to say bye to Shanee), and we walked all the way to the buses. Getting several chances to meet the guy I extremely adore is very rare, so to walk with your bestie/crush is a BLESSING!

Approaching the Lab Area, I quickly take a glimpse and the next thing I know, an arrow has just gone right into my heart, and I’m ready to die and leave this world. Coby is standing next to Amato and she has a smile on her face, him still talking. Her bff and other friend (dunno if dating) are just 10 cm behind her.

Once again, that WITCH has sort of started her method of gaining this amazing person’s attention, and left me alone with no life. Coby walks with her, completely ignoring the fact that I’m there and they arrive at the staircase. Unsure what to do, I walk with Derek, and soon enough, some guy takes him away to talk. I’m left alone with no friends, as I see Coby and Amato, a small distance between them and soon enough his friends grab him and take him towards his bus. I see Amato talking to Ben, and I walk past no idea where she is after. All I assume is that she never turned around to go to Coby. His friends saved him from her (what I’m grateful for).

I’ve always had that urge to tell Coby what Amato is, so that he understands what she’s done. To tell him how cruel she has been, and the harm he is putting in his way in letting her into his personal space. I didn’t care last year, but that was solely because I didn’t know him enough. Now that I do, whenever I see him with that DEMON, a small piece of my heart breaks and falls into the continuous flow of blood in my system, never to be found again.

Forgetting about him is IMPOSSIBLE. Even if I tell myself that despite showing the love and affection I’ve shown to all the people I love and care about, he still feels happier with her. “I poured my heart out to him, and HE REJECTED it.” All I know is by next year, she’ll find another new guy to flirt with and next thing you know, she’s kissed some other guy.


Sitting on the cold floor in my room and writing this, tears streaming down my face, I know he’s a jerk and that I should forget him forever, but deep down, I know I can’t because I care about him too much to let him go…

The End

Hope this story touched your heart, as I happened to write this short “diary like” entry a year ago when contemplating life and how many girls feel this way. I do have 2 other stories similar to this, all phrased in their own ways.

An amazing thing would be if you readers could tell me what you think of this, as I also want to know if this writing method of mine is really working or not.

Stay Awesome People! 😀

Vivian ❤


One comment

  1. Bee · October 27

    This is such an amazing story time type of post and almost everyone has went through something similar to that, come check out my blog at https://beeuniek.wordpress.com/


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