Halloween for the “Non-white” girl…

Sup World!

So Halloween’s coming up pretty soon (tomorrow, actually) and I wanted to share a thought and set of tips for all you girls (and guys) who aren’t part of the white population in this world.

Now how on earth does Halloween have to even do with skin color???

Well, when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, a ton of the costumes ideas and tips are shown from the perspective of a girl who is fair skinned, and basically almost the whole Halloween market advertises their costumes on Caucasian peoples. Like suppose a vampire look only looking best on girls with a fairer complexion, or…a lot of characters for that matter!

Not that the whole world does it, but a lot of people often struggle on choosing what they want to be for Halloween. You obviously don’t want to be a character that is hard to recognise for all the people in this world who place skin color as a factor for getting a costume! (well that’s what i think anyway)

Again being a dilemma of Google’s “search” methods, I feel sharing my ideas on how us brown girls or even darker skinned girls could manage to spend their Halloween in an AWESOME way, without really worrying about the skin color part, and it obviously NOT being a “stereotypical” idea.

1. First in the list is a fairy. In all the posts I have seen, NO ONE even mentions fairies as an option for darker skin tones, but isn’t it clearly shown in fairy illustrations that fairies are of all “skin types”? All you need for this costume, is a nice and pretty (best with a frilly bottom) dress, a pair of wings (fairies that have no wings exist- pixies) and if you want a wand. To top if off, either a shimmery headband or a flower headband along with floral or shimmery accessories will make do! Plus, this is me for Halloween, and anybody can tell who I am 😛

Image result for diy fairy costume

Look at her ROCK THAT COSTUME!!! 😀

2. A witch! I didn’t want to be one this year, but as an afterthought, I feel this one TOTALLY isn’t dependent on looking good on ONE type of skin color. You just need a cool pair of stripey (purple-black or green-black or orange-black) socks, a cool dress (or a t-top + skirt), a pointy hat, black lipstick, cool eye-shadow, a broom AND you’re a simple witch ready to rock this Halloween!

Image result for halloween witch costumes homemade


3. A Leopard or a Jaguar or any cat for that matter! Who even said cats look best on white girls!? Our complexion is good enough to rock this costume! A nice kitty ears headband, a dress or mixed up pair to match the ears, dark eye-shadow, dark (or light, dependent) lipstick, a nice and small nose painted on top of your nose, fake blood on the side of your lips and YOU’RE DONE!! Plus, people recognized this last year for Halloween on me, so no Probs for you!

Image result for halloween leopard costume

Even Snooki can do it!!! 😀

4. Any classic 80’s wear will do! Want to show off the color streak in you?? Then just mix up gym clothes, a super neon colored off shouldered sweater or t-top, a pair of shorts/leggings/frilly skirt, colorful stockings to add on to the pzzazz, LOTS or accessories, crazy teased hair, colorful legwarmers and you’re the perfect 80s “let’s get physical mixed with cyndi lauper” chic! And at that time, us skin people ROCKED THOSE clothes!

Image result for 80s clothes

Or just go crazy with the colors and mix and match EVERYTHING!

Image result for 80s clothes

5. Speaking of the 80’s Whitney Houston was pretty popular back then, and ANY girl with a skin tone darker than a tan can master THAT! Super cool and fluffy hair, and a smile, copy her outfit in the best way possible and YOU’RE SET TO DANCE WITH SOMEBODY THIS HALLOWEEN!



Image result for whitney houston 80s

This’ll do! 

Image result for whitney houston 80s

Or this one!!!!! XD

6. The last one of them, this costume is possible by ANYBODY! It’s SUPER SIMPLE TOO!!

Image result for ghost halloween costume

A white blanket, and two eye holes! 

Image result for ghost halloween costume

Show Your Inner Social Media Freak! 

And if you’re in the mood to take it up a notch….

Image result for sexy ghost halloween costume

Just add a bikini to make it FABULOUS!!

Hope it helped, and stay AWESOME ALL YOU TEEN GIRLS LIKE ME!!!! and others who were stuck on what to be, hope you got an idea from this!!!

Otherwise, if you don’t care about stereotypes, just be Cleopatra, Pocahontas, Jasmine etc. I just feel, girls who aren’t necessarily Caucasian always need to have that choice to be something that won’t make them feel like no one will guess their costume, or just have to be what others assume they should be because of skin color.

But if you’re super brave, unlike me, just take a wig, a costume and be ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE!!!

Stay Awesome and Happy Halloween (in advance :P)!!!!!!


Vivian ❤




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