Love Never Makes Sense

“Josh, does Coby like Amato?” Vess reluctantly asks, a sad tone to her question. He looks at her face, sort of neutral and doesn’t look away.

“Yes, he does,” he finally says, and Vess’ assumptions are finally confirmed. She’d already guessed it once he kept on walking without her whenever that girl was around. She just needed someone he was close to, to confirm it, make it official for her to finally accept. But she didn’t want to; she wanted it to be that he didn’t like Amato, that he just wanted to see if she really cared about him. But that too is a totally odd idea, but far better than the ugly truth Vess was facing.

“Why, Josh? The same thing happened last year! And then she…”

“She’s not a monster, Vess, not the way you think of her to be. She likes him again, and he does as well. You need to accept that”

“But she did the same thing to me in 6th grade for the guy I liked,” Vess protests, frustrated to the core.

“Yeah, and it was Coby, right?” he says, backing away and going to his friends. Vess looks at him in disbelief, and her happy bubble, bursts, letting a huge glob of depression form around her.

A pain starts to form in her chest, overwhelming her and forming a sudden burden on her that she decides to just go back to her dorm room. Lucy can tell something is wrong, but she keeps quiet as they walk barefoot, the wind blowing on their faces.

Halfway there, the ground becomes stony and cold. Lucy stuffs her feet into her shoes, but Vess just walks bearing the pain. That is how much the thought of losing Coby feels to her, and she keeps feeling it, all the way till they arrive the room. She leaves her shoes outside, walks in, and leans against the wall in wait for the shower. Her friends, confused looks on their faces pass her as they exit the room. But Vess just ignores their many looks, for all she can think about, is the crushing feeling she gets when Amato and Coby walk side by side.

Warm liquid brims up into Vess’ eyes, and it trickles down her burning cheeks, sending down a relief she can’t bring herself to ever feel.



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