When you realize you have a blog…WOAH

It’s been a while (technically it’s been super duper long), and it is the time I realize, OMFG VIVIAN!!! You have an effin blog!?!?

I sincerely apologize for not posting at all, and like I’ve mentioned a lot of times before, I suck at commitments, and currently I’m working on that.

I mean, a lot of romantic drama happened, no friendship drama (thank god), and I basically failed French, but there wasn’t much to share. But on top of that I had H.W. everyday and I completely was NOT prepared to handle stress at this point in life, but VOILA… it’s life bitches!!!

Thankfully, I’m not going anywhere for the summertime, hence I need to have some kind of pass-time or job to do besides studying, and I guess blogging will really help.

This post isn’t much to be honest, but I’m hoping to have a couple of posts out and about by next week, mainly on the amazing amount of love knowledge I have acquired, along with a couple of lessons I’ve learned being a freshman in High School.

So c’est fini mes amis, and stay awesomeeeeee


Vivs ❤



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