C’est la vie – Short Story Series

Holo world, and today I present to you, my NEW commitment of the summer! Yup, I have another commitment in my ever so long list of “commitments” that I keep stating every thing now and then and not stick to…

Anyways, I sort of promised myself this summer that I’d work on my creative writing, in order to have had a good practice for 10th grade that’s coming up right after. It’s basically a series of stories that I’m going to be writing, about a set of teenagers, the story mainly focused on Tiffany Parks, a fifteen year old expat living in the unpredictable country of Utonia (fictional place), and studying in part of the city known as Baletown.

I was planning to write a few stories to begin with, and then hand the plot-making to all you peoples. So don’t hesitate to comment what you think and ENJOY!!!!


Vivs ❤


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