Chapter 1: A New Couple In Town

The sun beat down on the busy city of Baletown, as 4 lazy teenagers walked along the zebra crossing, the air filled with a sense of love. A young boy, 15 to be exact, walked shoulder to shoulder with another girl, her silky black hair brushing his shoulder every now and then. Two giggling girls followed right behind them, curious to see if the boy would make a move. They shared the same height, one with a darker skin tone, her wavy black hair blowing crazily in the soft breeze of the evening. Her arms were weighed down by several bags in her hands, but that didn’t stop her from watching the two lovebirds in front of her.

She leaned closer to her partner and whispered, “I bet they’re gonna hold hands soon.”

“Ya, I think so too,” her partner replied, her short blonde hair glinting in the sunlight. Her eyes were the similar dark brown to Tiffany’s, but Tiff’s Indian features caused hers to show much darker. The two girls continued to watch in excitement as Greg walked with ease in front of them. At the same time, he finally reached in to hold Sayuri’s hand. She didn’t flinch, and in that very moment, Tiff knew she’d just brought together a new couple.

It wasn’t the first time she’d gone out of her way to get two people together, but it sure was the first time they both had fallen for each other AND gotten to the point wherein they’d now start going out. The last time she’d tried to get her good friend’s crush to like her back, she’d ended up falling for him, and things hadn’t gone so well. Instead she’d befriended Greg in the process, and seeing his sad state, introduced him to Saiyuri. And let’s just say…it worked out pretty well.

So here she was walking behind the couple, while she and her bestie, Lauren, felt single as ever at their very action of holding hands. They’d spent the evening studying for the math test to be held the next day, Tiff, the lovebirds, Lauren, along with Sharon and Kwan. Most of the evening had gone with Sharon asking Kwan too many questions on Math, whilst Tiff and Lauren had ended up doing sums and just getting frustrated with life. On top of that, Tiff hadn’t been able to stand Sharon’s desperation for Kwan’s attention all the time, because despite him friend-zoning her, she was tired of seeing Sharon trying with him again.

Of course, Sharon WAS the girl Tiffany had originally set out to possibly get Kwan to like, but instead she’d gotten to know an amazing guy, fallen for him at the stupidest time, and ended up endangering her friendship with Sharon. Tiff had actually thought that it would work out with Kwan, but instead it had driven her crazy over him, and he finally told it had led him to no longer see her as more than a friend. She’d been devastated, and upset but it sort of hit home when she told Sharon about it and so she went full on “get-close-to-Kwan” mode.

Same applied for the girl he’d also liked before, but who was Tiffany to decide anymore. It was her fault she’d screwed it up with Kwan, now she had no right to interfere with whomsoever he chose to pursue next. Kwan as usual, used it to annoy her and sometimes play with her feelings like he always did, but it had fixed Tiff’s craziness too.

She hadn’t let Sayuri do the same in Greg’s case though. Tiff’s close friendship with both lovers had always been the advantage the two faced, because she wasn’t one to let hearts break so easily. It’s what led to what Lauren and her faced in front of them, the two hands interlocked and swinging at every step.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!”, Tiff exclaimed while Lauren just started making imaginary hearts at the two of them. They were planning to walk all the way to Wover stop for Lauren’s Tram, so Tiff still had awhile with all of them together as a group. Her eyes always passed the two holding hands, and she’d often get a sad feeling in her stomach. The usual “if I hadn’t been such an idiot with Kwan” thought, and how she’d gotten so close to having what she always wanted: a relationship. Seeing her best friend find her guy was adorable and joyous, but it also reminded her of what she’d screwed up.

As they arrived Wover, Sayuri pointed out to the shops along the street, a wide smile on her face. Greg’s dyed hair color shone brighter, and his eyes contained a sense of longing. A sense of longing for more of her, Tiffany guessed. They waited for the Tram, the temperature slowly cooling down with the day coming to an end. It arrived after a long 5 minutes, and Tiff suddenly felt like she didn’t belong there with Greg and Sayuri holding hands together.

She sort of wished she were invisible…or even able to teleport, as the two just leaned into each other and watched cars go by. The 10 minute wait for the bus felt like forever as she sat on the end of the bench, her eyes avoiding looking at them two. Starting a conversation felt like an awkward choice, leaving Tiff to just quietly watching different cars, taking in their looks. Kwan would’ve begun a whole lecture on cars if he’d been there with them. He’d have avoided Tiff from feeling like a misplaced piece with them. AHH…she once again was thinking about him…perfect. Just the thought you want to have when with a couple on a beautiful sunny evening, and you feel single AF.

When the bus arrived, Tiff swore she could’ve just kissed the first guy on that bus for saving her from the misery of single-life thoughts.


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