Chapter 2 – A Ride to Remember (Part 1)

Wednesday morning arrived into Tiff’s life, like any other morning she’d ever had. She woke up a tad bit late, spent a little too long getting dressed up and left the house 30 minutes past the time her parents always lectured her to be ready at. But she couldn’t help it…today was Alec’s last day, plus they were going to an amusement park…SHE COULDN’T AFFORD TO LOOK BAD.

Makeup was never Tiff’s thing, so she tried to look good in terms of clothing. Of course it never really worked out for her, but she felt it was worth the effort. She’d chosen a turquoise tee-top on top of white shorts and Puma shoes. Not as good as she’d imagined in her head, but enough for her to not boil in the sun, and at the same time see to it Alec had the best last day ever.

They’d never really had proper conversations for most of the year, but as the school year had drawn closer to the last few months, she’d spent some time getting the guy to open up and show his personality. She’d mainly see it in his texts, but at time she’d used her weird extrovert skills and seen a different part of the quite Finnish guy in Kwan’s ELD class. And a car-fanatic too! Plus almost all the girls in her friend-group seemed to think he was hot AF, which she herself couldn’t deny. Unfortunately, this little hottie was leaving for his home country, and having heard such sad news, and Alec not really having that many friends, she’d set out to plan his whole day at the park.

She’d been there more than 5 times, so she’d been to most of the rides, and she was going to make sure Alec went on each and every scary one. On top of that she’d mentally planned who’d be in the group so that they all went on the rides. Everything was perfectly set up in Tiff’s crazy mind, and she happily walked late into the car, leaving for school and in 20 minutes, the car was plunged into traffic…


Perfect she thought, as she patiently sat in the car whilst it slowly made its way to the school parking lot, 15 minutes past the time she’d wanted to arrive. The closer she got to the glass building, the more anxious she got about walking in amidst a student speaking at the assembly. She quietly avoided doing so by taking the longer route through the library and sat next to Sharon embarrassed, and she turned to watch the video they began to play.

Okay…didn’t make that big a fool of myself…let’s hope the bus ride goes fine.

And as much as life seemed to hate Tiffany, her bus ride ended up being the quietest and most boring time in her life. Her partner, Kate, read a book the whole bus ride, Sharon, Lauren and Saiyuri were off in another bus,and Kwan was luckily with his visiting pal Toby and Carl on the other bus. Tiff just HAD to be stuck on the most boring bus on the planet, with absolutely NO friends whatsoever. AND IT WAS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!

Throughout the bus ride she felt impatient, constantly tapping her feet and trying to distract herself from thinking anyone would make a move and ruin her plans for today. She feared Prudence would ask Toby and Kwan to join them, she feared Alec didn’t feel like going along with the people she’d planned, she feared that she’d hurt Sharon if they wanted to go on all the loop rides. When stuck with no socializing for more than 20 minutes, Tiffany’s mind made the craziest scenarios ever.

Hopefully that’ll end this summer… she thought to herself, as the bus finally got into the park’s parking lot, and Tiff just couldn’t help but swear in her mind she’d strangle the teacher if she made her wait any longer on the bus.


The grade gathered around the ticket booth in front of the park’s entrance, and the first thought that just stuck to her mind was: the group HAS to get together. She ran to Lauren and Saiyuri who were talking to Lorenzo, her heart racing like a running horse. That bus ride had gotten her so nervous, she felt jumpier than ever, her mind and body rushing with excitement.

“OMGOMGOMGOMG you guys readyyyyy???” she said in a bubbly tone. Saiyuri nodded in agreement, as Lauren gave her a funny look.

“You okay girl?” she inquired, eyeing Tiff’s jumpy posture and attempting to calm her down.

“Yeah yeah…just super duper excited ‘cause today is going to be the best day ever and no one is going to ruin it for me…” she said eagerly and did a small hop on the spot. “SO!! Where’s the guys?”

Saiyuri pointed out to where Kwan and Toby were chilling on the side, and Tiffany’s heart skipped a beat. Oh why do you have to be so perfect she thought as she got even more nervous and sounded super mental as she jumped and said “Yass people!! Let’s have the best day everrrrr!!!”

Lord save my soul she thought as Kwan just looked at her funny. She knew she acted like a mentally ill patient sometimes, and she hated it when she showed it to him too, but she couldn’t help it…that bus ride had REALLY freaked her out. She couldn’t afford to let anything go wrong. Which is certainly did when they were starting to group up already and Sharon approached Tiff.

She didn’t know what to do right away as her good friend asked her how the groups were to be. She couldn’t just tell her in the face: we can’t have you along because you hate loops on rides. But she couldn’t say she wanted Sharon to join them either. This was the lesson Tiff had learned as a tween and going to amusement parks. If you don’t go with people like you who like the rides you like, the WHOLE group has to suffer because of that one person. Tiff sucked at saying no, so instead she uttered “I don’t know really…I just want to go on the Vampire ride first…Toby and Kwan have to be there for Alec and we all are also going. But you could come too…”

“Does it have loops?”

“Yeah…you’ll have to wait out…but everyone wants to go…so we can’t leave you alone”

“Let’s just go to Werewolf instead then “

“NOOOOO…Vampire is the first one to always doooo”

And that’s how it went…until Tiff lost control and in the end, Sharon just went along with another set of girls who weren’t so keen to go to Vampire.

A little relieved, she hopped over to Saiyuri, her nerves back again and grabbed onto Alec’s shoulders as they stood in line. He was a little surprised and leaned back, but just moved on forward.

“You excited?” she asked cheerfully. He just looked at her and nodded his head with a cute yeah.

She glanced over at Kwan and gave a small smile, saying “Today is gonna be a great dayyyyy.”

“Sure,” he said with a grin.

A buff guy Charles popped his head from in front of Toby’s shoulder shouting “Hey Tiff! What ride we going to first?”

Grinning from ear to ear she replied,”Vampire”


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