Ch.2 – A Ride to Remember (Part 2)

Tiff was bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement. In fact, it was so bad, that it literally showed in the way she was behaving. She’d run like a lunatic towards their first ride, giggling and turning around to face her friends. She even began complaining they were being so slow, whilst hopping backwards. She totally knew how to impress Kwan and Alec didn’t she!

Waiting in line just made it worse, as her voice just continued to get higher pitched when she spoke. Lauren couldn’t stop looking at her and telling her to calm the fuck down, but seriously…she was FINALLY going with her best friends and her infatuation, followed by a super cute guy and sports fanatic. WHO WOULDN’T BE JUMPY!?!

10 minutes into the wait, she turned to Alec playfully and asked “Wanna partner up for the ride?”

“Sure,” he replied. He really needed to learn to smile… which is exactly what she decided to tell him.

“Oye, smile pleassseee. Today should be a day for you to enjoy ! “ she explained, and as if in response, he gave her the cutest smile she had ever seen. OH MY GOSH he looks like an angel…

In awe she moved forward with the line. She turned to look at Kwan, whilst he stood there looking down at his feet. She just wanted to stand there close to him, maybe even play with his hair like she used to…No…it’ll never happen…stop bringing your hopes up…

Right then, she flashed back to when she’d gone on a sort-of double date months ago, Saiyuri, Greg, her and Kwan. It wasn’t really a date, but it felt like one, as Saiyuri finally met Greg and they hit it off. She’d gotten some time with Kwan, them walking through the park and rewinding as the warm wind brought a sense of love into the air. She’d really enjoyed that day, and she’d wished she could have dozens more to follow it.

But I guess it’s time to move on Tiffany…you can’t keep hoping you can fix anything. It’s gone, and you can no longer do anything about it. He doesn’t feel the same anymore…he probably won’t feel it again…

Her excitement then died down for a second, as she stared at the grass next to Kwan’s feet instead.

“It doesn’t seem too fast.” She lifted her head to meet his eyes. If only I could see how you feel… shaking it out of her head she turned to see the next lot of people let out yelps as they turned another loop on the ride.

“The ride? Looks fast enough to me” she said, her mind a mix of emotions. What was she doing, she couldn’t ruin Alec’s day just cuz she couldn’t get over a guy.

Jumping off the bars on the side (she’d decided to take a seat to avoid being any more jumpy), she looked at her group with a smile on her face. They’d almost reached the entrance, as she said “WOOH, let’s go have some fun shall we!”

The next set of seats on the rollercoaster came pretty quick, as she rushed to drop her bag into the containers on their right, and sat eagerly into her seat. She looked at Alec, and happily said “You excited?”

“Sort of”

“What do you mean sort of?”

“I mean…we’ll see. Let the damn ride begin first…”

“Good idea.”

She nervously looked ahead, hearing Kwan and Toby’s voices in front of her. He probably wouldn’t hear her if she said anything, but she decided to give it a try.

“You excited people? Kwan? Toby?”

No reply…

Yup, they definitely can’t hear me… she said, making it a mental note for when they ended.

The ride continued to move upwards, as the people in the front finally let out their first shouts.


The ride was over in minutes, as all its riders took the next couple of seconds to catch their breaths…and let out the sigh of relief on not being dead.

OKay…that went well…I guess…let’s see what we do next…

Tiff just couldn’t stop planning the rides next, her brain calculating the best ones based on the waiting time, fun level etc.

She didn’t even realize they were at Werewolf, until Lauren pointed out to the ride next to it and said “OMG LOOK! THE SWING RIDE IS LETTING PEOPLE IN!!!!!!!”

Lauren ran to the swings, with Saiyuri pulled along with her. The rest of the group, including Tiff jogged over, jumping over bars to skip to the front of the line. There were more than 40 seats on the ride, and they all HAD to be together.

Rushing to a seat right behind Charles and Toby, Kwan seated right in front of him. Lauren had unfortunately taken two seats with Saiyuri on the opposite side of the ride, as she called out to Tiffany, telling her there was a seat. She really wanted to be with Lauren, but at the same time, the rest of the guys were right here with her.

Unable to make up her mind, the swings were pulled upwards, and she soon was moving in circles through the air.


The wind blew through her hair, kissing her cheeks, as the sun warmed her face in the brightness of that day. She spread out her arms, closing her eyes to enjoy the freedom she felt, whilst soaring through the air.


She turned to Charles, yelling out his name and went to reach his hands. They struggled for a couple of seconds, but soon enough they’d manage to give each other a high five. She then turned to Toby, who couldn’t really reach her, but they high fived just the same.

It was then that she caught a glimpse of Kwan, his hands holding onto the two chains on his swing, avoiding looking to the ground. She called out to him, but he didn’t turn much to face her.

He’s getting dizzy! Oh no…

Once the ride was over, she hurried out of her seat to get him out; he didn’t look good. Once he was out of his seat, he walked slowly, holding his head and saying “Nah, I just feel dizzy…”

Suddenly, Tiffany felt this pang of guilt in her stomach, as if her enthusiasm want to go on many rides had caused Kwan to get dizzy on such a ride. She walked right behind him, slowly offering him her bottle of water, as he continued to walk funny towards their check-in area for the day.

“You sure you okay?” she asked reluctantly.

“Yeah I’ll be fine. Walking it out might hel..” Tiffany mildly hit the top of his head. He turned to her, clearly surprised.

“What was THAT for!?” he shouted.

“Sometimes, when I’m dizzy…I just hit my head and it’s all fine then.” she explained, a weird tone of pride in her voice.

“K….” he replied, completely confused, as they headed down, passing the games section.

You’re such an impressor Tiffany…your wild explanations are just MARVELOUS to impress people…I mean…LOOK AT HIS AMAZED FACE!!

“You know guys…why not just avoid doing any rides for the next 15 minutes or so…let Kwan regain his senses” Toby announced, obviously looking like he thought this out well.

“Good idea…mm” Kwan pitched in, shaking his head for a third time since he got off the ride.

Well…I guess that’s it for the first half of today, Tiff thought sadly, her mind still rethinking her plan to go on the next “mind-boggling” rides.



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