The Body Type Guide for the Teen Girl

Bonjour tous le monde!

I basically have been thinking for quite a while on this topic, which I only see most common for “women”and by women I mean anyone above the age of 21. And I go all like “WHAAT!? Where’s the guide for teens!?”

Discovering the world of body types, I really feel people need to know, that there are many girls out there who suddenly realize some clothes don’t seem to look as good on them as they’ve always thought it would (like me :P) and it is really disheartening.

Moreover, the majority of the clothes they suggest aren’t clothes we teen girls would “normally” wear to school… If it were some special occasion, maybe, but otherwise, we’re too “socially” and “mentally” trying to be as teen-like as possible at 14 and above. So all those clothes which our moms wear quite often , it’s a A NO.

So I thought why not put one together out there for all you 14 and above teens! And if you had no idea about such stuff, just read on and be educated!

According to Google, there are mainly just 5 types of body shapes for women: The Rectangle, the Inverted Triangle (also known as strawberry), the Triangle (also known as pear), the Hourglass, and the Apple (Oval).

Image result for body types women

But in the teens world, when our body hasn’t really reached much of its shape, or is yet to be final, we often tend to overlook such stuff, or end up coming in between two of these.

For example: I am between a pear and an hourglass, mainly because a lot of sites say bust size determines your body shape, but my shoulders are way wider even though I might not have as big a bust size as my hips.

In conclusion here’s mainly the body types I feel are differently seen in high school, and there are sub categories as well. Here’s one with the closest ones:

Related image

The Inverted Triangle (the V shape): 

You’re a teen who usually has quite broad shoulders, but that doesn’t mean it is bad! You have nice and slim legs, which means you can show them off to flatter yourself 🙂

If you’re not sure, just look at yourself in the mirror:

Are your shoulders mainly bigger than your hips? You legs are pretty slim, but your above waist seems to be quite bigger in size? (bust size doesn’t matter, your shoulders can be wide despite having a smaller bust)

The best way to flatter yourself in outfits for school is to try and balance your bottom half to look as even to your upper body as possible. So baggy pants, and figure hugging tops give it a cute look.

Image result for inverted triangle clothing guide

But if you’re in the mood to show off them legs, try balancing it with adding less credit to them boobs or shoulders. Off the shoulder tops work, baggy to cover the huge bust, or a figure hugging one to show off non-shoulder parts.

Image result for off shoulder clothing

Such tops hide those wide shoulders to give the illusion they are small and pretty 🙂

Image result for off shoulder clothing

If you have bust instead of shoulders as the problem, showing off the shoulders instead of bust helps!

All these are perfect for school, and at the same time you can feel good about when you look at yourself, cuz you are amazing the way you’ve been built 😛

In terms of dresses, off-shoulders or spaghetti strapped ones look best. A figure hugging dress highlights how skinny your legs are tho, so giving that even look flatters your figure.

Image result for inverted triangle dress

The Lean Column or the Rectangle (mainly the same except the weight)

This body type, very common in skinny teens in the school, is mainly weight being distributed among your whole body. You might not have that thigh gap, or that good arm, but if you have a flat stomach, and your shoulders and hips and waist are the same, you are a rectangle.

To flatter yourself, you need to give people the illusion you have curves, mainly because almost all your body seems to be equally distributed. The best way is to wear fitting clothes, and flaring parts that are too skinny. For example, a nice fitting top to sort of make it look like you have a cute smaller waist, paired with flared jeans looks cute, although I as a 14 year old HATE to wear flared jeans as it is mainly seen as a clothing “older women” wear. If you’re with me, an alternative could be wear skinny jeans (or cute high waist or nicely fitting shorts), a fitted top with an off shoulder sleeve look! 🙂

Image result for fitted off shoulder top

But if it is against the dress code, no one’s forcing you

Image result for fitted off shoulder top

Image result for fitted off shoulder top


And dresses, well, a flowing bottomed one, with a cinched waist, and strapless/off shoulder/v neck will make do with a beautiful look! 😀

Image result for dress for rectangle body shape

The Apple (aka Oval)

Never be shy to admit you are an apple, because you didn’t choose to be so. But you know you can change it, either by dressing amazingly that no one will care, or do a lot of sit-ups!! (if you’re not as lazy a person as me :P)

If you tend to often gain weight below on your waist (the tummy) and a little on the upper hips, then you probably are an apple. There’s no shame in that, we can fix it 🙂

Thankfully, many people who are apple shaped usually have pretty good legs and cute arms in some cases, so the best way is to show them off, and at the same time decrease the amount you have  between waist and hips which is showing out.

Tops which cinch right under you bust and flow from the same place flatter your top (a lower neck is cute if you’re daring) and hide your tummy. Flair jeans also make  people to see your cute legs, and make them gain a little more attention than your upper body as much.

But mainly, you should have any clothing that skims your tummy, and hides it, giving the illusion that there is BARELY any fat there.

Image result for flared tops

See how you can’t even tell whether there is any fat!

Image result for apple body shape clothing

The fact that they don’t fit on your waist and skim your below bust area, doesn’t highlight that fat, so you look great, AND you feel great

Bottoms don’t really matter, because your legs are DAMN good. So basically for school, jeans, leggings etc work out, but I feel you shouldn’t wear too many loose pants, as your legs and bust are the best parts of your body, so showing off those good legs in fitted pants are best in my opinion for you apple girls out there.

Dress wise, anything that cinches just below your bust to flair out, or clothing that will skim your body to hide that fat 🙂

Image result for apple body shape dresses

The Pear (aka the Triangle)

People like you, and sorta me, we ALWAYS are self conscious whenever we want to be comfortable. Because you might LOVE to wear sweatpants, crop tops and whatever every skinny and rectangular girl wears out there, or even want to dress what way, but once you see it on you, you immediately regret it. Trust me, I’ve been there.

Being a pear is sometimes discouraging at the age of 14, mainly because all the guys out there and society itself promotes skinny legs, and even proportions on both halves of the body. How to tell if you are pear?

Look at yourself in the mirror, you are a pear if your hips seem to be a lot more wider than you shoulders. Many people say bust size decides your shape, but in my opinion, you might have a huge bust but your shoulders seem to be way smaller than your hips.

Also, many teen girls get confused between the Pear and the Hourglass, because sometimes your shoulders are almost the same length, which is why you’re a lot in between. I suggest you read onto tips for the hourglass AND pear at the same time: I’ve tried and heard it helps.

Pears are best known for their wide hips, a little off proportions compared to the rest of your body, so to feel good about yourself, you need to make the rest of your body feel better, and sort of reduce the attention on your thighs. ALTHOUGH, Pear shaped women = better birth-giving later on in life. Plus, the Queen Bee herself is a Pear…we bow down to thee 🙂

Image result for beyonce pear

A good way to do so to begin with, is bring more attention to your upper half, by wearing more fitted clothing, because you have a DAMN GOOD WAIST and arms. Off-shoulder tops that hug your waist are YAS, and V-necks with a good fit around the waist as well give a better credit. Schools might be a little strict, so fitted tops work. If you don’t mind, flared jeans usually balance out the huge waist and thighs for us, by flaring at the calves.

Image result for dress for pear shaped

Image result for flared jeans pear

BUT…i sort of don’t wear it as for me it screams more of “mom” to me.

If you don’t like the flared jeans (like moi), a high waist skinny jeans does the trick. Avoid AS MANY baggy clothes as you can, especially for the upper body, because at times it makes you look twice your size, and you DO NOT want that. It might be comfy, but at times when you see yourself in front of the mirror you might not feel as good about yourself.

Image result for high waisted jeans

You go gurlll!

In terms of dresses, like a Rectangle, anything that cinches around your waist, and flairs downwards, BUT the top can flatter your beautiful shoulders to compliment you more, and make you feel more self-confident whenever going out 😛 Image result for dress for pear shaped

The Hourglass: The Neat and the Full

This is the body shape that has continuously been WORSHIPPED by social media and media itself, in being the ideal body shape for women. A lot of times, its actually the rectangle that is portrayed the most in magazines, but hourglass is goals just the same.

Many a time, teen girls are confused as to whether they are Pear or Hourglass, but from experience here’s my best way to know:

Look at yourself in the mirror and look closely at your shoulders and your hips. Do they look about the same width?

Lots of articles compare bust size to make you look hourglass, but sorry to burst your bubble, lots of women in this world exist with huge busts but no wide as hip shoulders.

Which is why I consider shoulders as being  better factor to your body shape. And if when you look at your mirror you see shoulder-hip similar width, YOU IS AN HOURGLASS!!!

An hourglass mainly consists of a woman with a pretty small waist, and a shoulder-hip width similarity. Bust size is often taken into consideration, but its fine all the same.

The idea of full and neat hourglass comes in terms of weight, wherein a “neat hourglass” is more of the skinnier crowd of girls who have an hourglass-like figure.

On good celebrity example is Scarlett Johansson:

Her weight range is mainly towards the skinnier side, which is why she’d be considered a neat hourglass.

A full hourglass woman, is a little more weight consistent, but celebrities like Oprah and Kim Kardashian rock it.

But if the weight side leaves your mind completely confused, here’s another, simpler difference:

Fuller hourglass girls are those who have more of the bigger bust vibe, and a lot of times, the wider hip vibe too.

A neat hourglass girl might not have the bust size, but more of the shoulder vibe of an hourglass.

If you’re left too confused (especially as a pear) on whether you are so, then just follow the tips for this body shape AND the body shape you’re comparing yourself with as well.

As you have a small waist, fitted clothing is best to show off them curves. V-necks are highly recommended, but since many schools are a little against it, that cinched waist highlight does the job.

Many a times the hips of an hourglass teen aren’t her best quality, but since you love your waist (and if you don’t START LOVING IT NOW), you need to show it off.


We all have that little moment in a day wherein we just want to get into our comfy baggy af clothes, but if you really want to feel good about yourself in a day, maybe choosing the right clothing will be a good first step.

Besides the fitting tops, high-waisted pants and pencil skirts are a YAS. One could wear the flowy skirt too, but if you have AMAZING hips, what’s there to hide!?

Yas Gurll

Ok ok ok…so I know pencil skirts aren’t really skirts you’d wear as an everyday school outfit, but who said they aren’t made of denim!!! Plus it’s a fashion statement, be yourself, and be proud to be you.

Dress wise, go for body-con dresses if you aren’t too self-conscious a person, or try and find dresses that flatter your curves, like ones with a frill top (deep if you want) and a fitted bottom, or the mermaid effect of dresses.

This is more prom-like…but who caresss

Coming to the end of my post, I as a teenager who’s spent a lot of her time being self-conscious about body image issues, really feel the need to let girls know:

You’re perfect the way you are. Maybe you think you have flaws, but that’s what makes you that amazing person everyone sees you as. Sometimes you might not even notice it, but God made you the way everyone sees you as, for a reason, don’t EVER hate yourself if others decide to see it a bad way.

You are you, and this guide is just a teeny thing to help you if you ever feel less-confident about yourself. If you want to wear sweatpants to school…GO AHEAD, no one’s stopping you.

Just remember, wear clothes that YOU want to wear, clothes that make YOU feel better. A couple of times the factor of religion and parenting comes into play, and you can’t really help it, so maybe what I’ve shared could help you find other ways. I too have been brought up with strict clothing backgrounds, but I’ve found ways, and I hope you do too.

I really hope this post helps any teen out there, and I’d LOVE to get any feedback or tips which I could add. A lot of these tips are inspired through reading a lot of body-type posts via google, and all the pictures are via Google Search.

Stay Awesomeee


Vivs ❤


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