Ch. 3 – Feelings Don’t Fade So Easy (Part 1)

As the buzzed teenagers walked down to their checkpoint of the day, the sun beat down as if announcing I’m gonna make your day hot AF so better be prepared!

Tiff trudged along, unsure of how to behave next, her mind a mixture of feelings. Lauren however, manages to save her day by giving the idea of a less -dizzying ride.

“OMG YES!” Tiff exclaimed, reverting back to her crazy behaviour from before. “Calamity mine is PERFECTT” she continued, “there’s no loops, and I’m sure it won’t really increase your dizziness Kwan.” She looked reluctantly at his dazed face, still trying to comprehend its current dizzy state.

He wasn’t in the mood to talk, but Tiffany couldn’t let that stop the day from getting better. Instead she jumped and landed her arms onto his shoulders, jolting him from his uneasy trance, and walked behind him.

“Come on Kwan, cheer up! That dizziness won’t stick too long according to me, so just… be you…” she finished, not sure if what she said even made sense to her.

“K…Tiff calm down. Let’s just get there,” Toby said, his eyes a little concerned, but for Kwan instead of her.

Her wish fulfilled she skipped along to the front of the group joining Alec and Saiyuri chillin’ and enjoying the sun. The crowd ahead of them seemed to be busy in their tasty meals of the afternoon, as the laughter of friends filled the air with a sense of joy.


The room was filled with a sense of competition, Kwan seated next to her, facing a flat TV screen with a controller in his hand. Greg looked through a couple of books to Tiff’s right, and Sayuri lay seated on the floor with the second controller.  

I can’t believe he agreed to join…and even mom managed to say yes Tiff thought, a rush of happiness and excitement coursing through her. She turned her glance to Kwan, engrossed in his game, a smile on his face.

I wish I could do this everyday…watch him enjoy life, and be there with him for it

In that moment he glanced towards her, and reached his hand out, passing it in front of her face.

“Tuushhh” he uttered whilst doing so, his eyes unreadable to Tiff’s mind.

“What was THAT for?” she complained, surprised at his sudden movement.

“Nothing…” he muttered, laying down next to her. Greg had the controller now, seated close to Saiyuri  as they both played versus each other.

“I’m tired” Kwan said, bringing Tiff’s attention back to his face.

“Hmmm?” she replied, engrossed in playing around with his hair.

“I don’t wanna go back home right now…or else I’ll have to do math again” he whispered, his eyes closing as he spoke.

“Me neither…it feels so relaxing sitting here…” Tiff snuggled close to his shoulder, her heart racing whilst she tried to relax.

“And  watch Saiyuri play…beating you with only a knife…and you with just a gun…” Kwan joked, turning to face Tiffany.

“Shut up!” she complained, offended at him teasing her for her gaming skills. She couldn’t help she hadn’t touched a controller in a while, more or less play Call of Duty.

“Whatever. I’ll just keep reminding you about it” he concluded, a laugh escaping his lips, as Tiffany sat up and threw a pillow at his face.


The girls munched on sweet popcorn on their way up the stairs, whilst the boys took their own time lingering in the back. The line was pretty short, in comparison to the longer line for Dalton Tower which stood right next to the ride they were  going to.

Kwan seemed to look queasier as they waited for the next coaster to show up, and he reluctantly turned to face me and Saiyuri.

“Umm…I have a bad feeling about going on this ride….I think I’ll sit this one out” he said, his eyes showing signs of uneasiness and worry.

“But…it can’t be THAT bad..can it?” she protested, wanting to go on the ride with him. This was one of the many personality problems Tiff needed to work on : don’t push people to do stuff without even considering their condition. Thankfully, Kwan knew exactly avoid her being a fool enough, and said “I’m fine, Tiff. It’s just ONE ride, k? You guys can go on, I’ll wait for you guys here.”

OH WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO NICE KWAN!?! You just proved yourself to be perfect for like…the one hundredth time!!!

Unsure of what to say, Tiffany seated herself onto the incoming coaster, her eyes continuously moving to Kwan standing by himself, and the ride lurched forward, plunging her and Saiyuri into a moment of darkness.


(Apologies for a late post, haven’t had the mood to write that much for the story, hope you enjoy!)


Vivs ❤


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