Feelings Don’t Fade So Easy (Part 2)

The next hour, Tiff’s stomach turned in circles; during the ride, after getting off and following the others, even during lunch.

It wasn’t the usual “motion sickness” one gets after a roller-coaster. More like a guilty pang that just torments you, especially when the person who is involved is around. She wasn’t sure why, and instead tried to focus on her friends instead.

Sayuri was standing cheery next to her, a funny smile lighting up her face. Kwan and Alec were in front of them, buying themselves fries and a burger. The two paid the cashier, leaving Tiff and Sayuri to figure out what they wanted in a far less time limit than they expected.

“One coke and a chicken burger please” Tiff politely asked, her gaze shifting to Kwan and Alec taking their seats. She suddenly couldn’t think straight, constantly losing focus and worrying about unnecessary details. Kwan’s walking, his slight show of uneasiness in his posture, Alec suddenly pretty quiet.

“Tiff, can you help me?” Sayuri asked in a soft tone, jarring Tiffany from her absurd thoughts.

“Yea yea, don’t worry,” she muttered getting her bestie the same order as her.

Once paid, the two walk over to their table, Lauren seated and munching on her home-brought lunch, and the others enjoying their own separate meals. But what caught her eye was Lauren’s setting up the park’s map in front of her, and the some of the boring rides circled in it.

Sharon then started to blabber on about going on the less-scary rides, shifting Tiffany’s mood to sudden panic.

“What do you mean we’re going on Flashback right after this” she interrupted, a small wave of anger engulfing her. Oh no this is NOT happening…NOT when I’ve planned so hard. 

“I mean we’ll go to Flashback after lunch, and then go around to the other rides, like that really fast one and maybe last Werewolf…”

“NO.” she muttered angrily at the group. One of her many pet peeves was when people pitched in their ideas and her initial plan would begin to go haywire.

“What about guys, huh?” she began, her anger brewing like a kettle inside of her.

“They’ll come too! Kwan, Alec, Toby, it’ll be fun!” Sharon concluded. No it WON’T! Stop ruining everything I PLAN SHARON…Tiff thought, obviously not happy with Sharon’s change of plans.

“I don’t think so,” Tiff voiced in attempts of keeping most of her anger at bay, “we’re going to Werewolf next and that’s about it..k?”


“Guys it’s no biggie. We’ll go to Flashback after or something Sharon, and let’s just do Werewolf in case there’s lines after” Sayuri and Lauren piped in. Tiff let out a quiet sigh, grateful the two had noticed Tiff was close to exploding in front of Sharon.

“Fine. Whatever. Me and Pauline are just going to go check out those games over there, wait for us?” she asked, getting up to head over there.

“Yea” Tiff managed to let out, letting herself relax and finish as much as she could of her food. She glanced up, meeting Kwan’s eyes and felt a flutter of butterflies in her tummy. She looked away, embarrassed. Ugh he’s too good she thought.

On her second glance towards his group, they were no longer seated, but ready to leave. Throwing away leftovers and stuffing their wallets into their pockets, they headed to their left, the opposite direction to where Sharon was.

Shoot! We need to catch up with them…but what do I do about Sharon? 


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