Ch.3 – Feelings Don’t Fade So Easy (Part 3)

The trio of girls rushed out the food court, tracing the steps of the group of boys that had just left. Tiff turned towards Sharon and Pauline, engrossed in trying to win a plushie for the day. Ahh why do they have to do this NOW of all times.

“Let’s go to the guys and join up,” Lauren suggested, already on her way. Sayuri followed after her but Tiff’s annoyed tone stopped them in their tracks.

“Guys, you seriously are going to put our friendship with Sharon on the line!?” she shouted. She herself knew Sharon had stupidly short temper on friends going off without her. Their friendship had anyhow faded over the course of their 3rd year of being friends, but she couldn’t let it get any worse. Tiffany was already engulfed in the frustration of having to go and fetch her, and on top of that the guys hasn’t bothered to wait for them, heading off to a ride instead.

“Lauren, we’re already in a bad state with her, leaving her behind is worse” Tiff continued.

“Alright, alright” the two girls agreed, jogging towards the game stand. After a couple of phrases shouted out to get Sharon moving, the girls sprint to catch up with the guys. Surprisingly they were just idle in front of one of the dizzying rides, Buzz-saw, whilst talking among themselves.

“Well thank god you guys didn’t go too far” the girls muttered, obviously unhappy for having sprint to them.

“We were waiting for you guys here” Kwan argued, trying to play good guy. Oh puh-lease…

Alec stood quietly next to his Korean friend, watching the people on the ride scream their heads off. His brown hair shone blonde as it basked in the sunlight, almost making him look…impossibly handsome…Tiff thought.

She was interrupted from her day-dreaming with Toby’s commanding voice, resulting in everyone’s attention being drawn to him.

“Well….” he began, a little intimidated with everyone staring into his soul, “Where are we headed now?” At that very moment, everyone decided to turn to Tiffany, finding her soul a lot more interesting than Mr. Toby who was in front of her, trying not to grin.

They were heading back to the Werewolf ride zone, but something caught her eye. A certain ride which she missed doing as a kid. The line looked pretty short too.

A sparkle in her eyes she announced, “Hey guys, anyone wanna take a bumpy ride back to our childhood?”


Ahhh why is this part so short!? 

Oh well tbh I’m just a very lazy person…

I really do promise the next part’ll be a lot longer, although this time its short since there’s too much going on in just THIS chapter you know…eh

I published all of these chapters on Wattpad as well, and I’d love to get some feedback either here OR there 🙂

Stay Awesome ppls 😉


Vivs ❤


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