Ch.3 Feelings Don’t Fade So Easy (Part 4)

The boys rushed to the front of the line as the girls followed, surprisingly energized at having a go at the bumping cars.

Well this’ll be fun…Tiff thought as she sipped on her Coke. Her gaze wandered off towards the people on the other side, dashing among the cars and just enjoying life to the fullest.

Lauren took the cup out of her hand to take a sip, Sharon standing next to her whilst Pauline just fooled around with Lorenzo up ahead. Alec and Toby were alarmingly quiet during their wait, while Tiffany just leaned on Sayuri for moral support – Tiff was getting a little tipsy from being too hyper.

Kwan stood across from Sharon…staring down at his feet, and occasionally watching cars clash into the other. Oh he’s so dead when its our turn…hehehehehehe 

They’d planned not to partner up this once, since everyone was in the mood to whoop the other’s ass in their own cars. She herself was prepared to take on against the guys since as a kid, she’d done it tons of times with her cousins, trying her best to beat the older ones. Remembering her time spent with them gave her a tinge of sadness but she pushed it away when the cars suddenly stopped.

The game had begun


The sun beat down on the amusement park of Walibi, as a group of teenagers walked happily towards their destination – the best ride of the park.

Two blonde haired girls walked at the front of the group, laughing about their inability to move at the bumping car game, followed by a brunette and Asian girl munching on chocolate-flavoured popcorn.

A dark skinned teenager walked just a step behind them, Indian and a bit plumper compared to her friends. Her black hair cascaded down her back, as she was followed by four guys the same age as her. One stood tall compared to the others, his curly light brown hair cut short on his oblong face, and his blue eyes standing out as he looked out towards the people that passed. Another was Scandinavian and stayed quiet as they walked, his gaze somewhat different to that of the excited teenagers he accompanied.

Another stockier boy was deep in conversation with an Asian dude, his tanned skin and brown hair showing off his sporty personality. His friend of course (the Asian) stood a slight head shorter than him, his black hair a tad bit long, whilst his figure stood lean as he walked. His face had finally lit up after their group had their turn at the bumping car games. He’d successfully managed to navigate around the whole arena they were in, without really having any trouble caused by his pals who weren’t as experienced as him.

Which was the same thought running through another girl’s head, as she replayed her own success at that very moment itself.


The girls were the first to run and choose their cars first, scanning for the colours they liked and just colonizing them as if it were something meant to guard.

Tiffany hopped into one in the middle of the arena, her girlfriends gathered in a bunch in the back – not a good choice to begin with, since they were stuck – , and the guys scattered at the corners.

She put on the safety and couldn’t wait to start, nervously pushing on the accelerator pedal in her car. Her heart was racing as her fingers tapped, and finally – the staff started up the cars. She zoomed ahead as her foot slammed her pedal, her hands comfortably controlling the steering wheel to navigate her around the arena. 

She could see Lauren and Sharon struggling to get out their little “cluster” as she slammed into Lauren’s car and set them free. Quickening her movements, she scanned the crowd to find Alec, Toby and Kwan, her car swerving at corners to slam head first into Alec’s car. They both let out laughs as she narrowly escaped a push from Toby, in search for her next prey.

She found him laughing as Sharon’s car moved from clumsily having hit his car, and surprised him as her own hit his car’s rear end. She backed up and rushed over to the other side, and spent the next minute just driving around, and passed a grinning Kwan and Alec as they too did the same as her. 

Reaching the end of their session she rammed into Sayuri’s car, trapping her and Lauren into another cluster, just as the bell rang and they got out, everyone’s laughter filling up the space of the building. 


Sayuri looked up at Werewolf rollercoaster and gulped loudly, intimidated by its size and look. The wooden rollercoaster stood pretty high, as it carried another group of its passengers up a steep hill, leading to a downhill she was a little too nervous to see.

Tiffany was back to her hyper self again, as she led the group through the line-separators and explained how this ride was the one worth waiting for. She and Alec were paired up once more as they headed up the staircase to the back of the line.

Kwan, Toby, Sharon and Pauline were stuck in another line for the front, as Lauren and Sayuri squealed in excitement at the next ride already on its way.

Aw…Kwan and Toby aren’t gonna be with us…dammit… Tiff thought as she hopped in. She really wanted them all on the ride, as she seated herself and turned to face Alec who was basically staring into nothing.

“Okay…so the challenge is to have your hands up when we drop…k?” she explained, having done so tons of times before. She waited for a reply from him, her eager face looking at one that just grinned said:

“Let’s just do it, shall we?”


And that’s another part for an amazing Monday morning start! 


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