Ch.3 – Feelings Don’t Fade So Easy (Part 5)

Tiffany couldn’t stop laughing as she and Alec walked down the wooden staircase, the next ride ready to leave. Alec’s eyes were crinkling as he tried to keep from laughing too much, a smile glued onto his face.

The two had managed to enjoy most of the ride with their arms in the air, all the way until Tiffany accidentally hit her arm on his head. They’d been laughing their heads off since.

With tears in their eyes they continued towards the exit, as Tiff’s eyes scanned the people getting onto their ride, getting a glimpse of Kwan and Toby sitting together. But Sharon suddenly looked wary waiting in line, realizing that she couldn’t be on the same ride as the boys. Cmon….at least she should be happy she’s gonna get to go ON the ride!

She then turned to face Alec , who’s face had suddenly lit up as he munched on a biscuit. How he’d gotten one, she didn’t know.

“Well that was…fun” she began, getting into another fit of giggles. His shoulders began to shake as he too couldn’t help himself and they stayed that way until Lauren and Sharon jumped in front of them.

“Tiff! Take care of ma bag. I need to go win that huge plushie over there.” she said, pulling Sayuri along. Before Tiff had the chance to say anything, the bag landed on her lap, as the two girls ran off to do…whatever they’d just said. Lazily, Tiff wore the bag in chest-front, and walked around Alec pretending to be a pregnant lady.

Right then, Sharon and Pauline appeared, their faces red and eyes squinting in the sunlight. Alec and Tiffany looked at them in surprise, confused as to why they were back earlier than Kwan and Toby. The girls arrived to the bench they were seated on, and plopped down warily, as Tiff turned to face Sharon, not happy as to their early arrival.

“Um…how’d you finish so fast?” she asked, taking a good look of Sharon’s face. She looked down to her shoes, and muttered:

“I didn’t feel like going on the ride anymore…so me and Pauline just didn’t go on”

“Why!? You seemed so keen on going!!”

“Oh well…not anymore.”

“She got a little nervous as it came to her turn” Pauline piped in, a hint of disappointment in her voice. Pauline DID want to go on the rides the same as us…Tiff thought.

Sharon really needs to stop chickening out with rollercoasters…was all Tiff could conclude, remembering them being in the same group for their trip to Disneyland 3 years ago. They hadn’t been much of friends, but a lot of her group members couldn’t go on some of the rides because of Sharon’s fear. They’d had to stay behind to follow the “pair” rule. The very memory sent a surge of anger through Tiff’s mind, but all of that managed to dissipate with what followed next.

It started with Greg suddenly appearing out of the bushes (no one know why he was there in the first place), leading the way to someplace, followed by Toby and Charles. But the shocking part, was Kwan covering his mouth as he rushed on with the guys, not listening to her suddenly hurrying over to ask what was going on.

Charles managed to fill her in as the others raced for the toilets, but his words were enough to cause Tiff to panic, and follow the guys immediately.

“Kwan threw up in the bushes just a couple of minutes ago, and I don’t think he’s feeling so good.”


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