Ch.4 – Lesson Learned (Part 1)

Her legs broke into a sprint, as her heart raced faster than a horse as the realization dawned on her. Her breath got labored, but she that didn’t stop her from running to the aid of the one person she truly loved and care about. She knew it was all her fault, his dizziness, her pushy attitude, even him getting sick after. Her eyes filled with tears, as a couple rolled down her cheeks, her cheeks turning red as she…

Okay well Tiff didn’t cry…and she obviously didn’t run that fast, plus Kwan wasn’t “dying”. But in the world of teens a lot of stuff often gets “over-dramatic” and Tiffany’s the kind of teenager who is known to overreact and overthink everything. Which is why she was the most reluctant to go and help out with Kwan, but guess what – her friends weren’t like her and said to leave him alone.

“I don’t think he’ll want us to see him in a state of sickness Tiffany, just leave him be. Waiting out here is stupid too, let’s go on a ride as he recovers.” The eff I’ll walk off when my guy friend is in there sick as hell and its all my fault. You don’t give as much a sh*t as me is not ma fault.

Being the bystander while her friends were hurt was not Tiffany’s policy, whether the person wanted to be left alone or not. If a person was depressed and wanted to be alone, fine…for a couple of seconds she’d leave him or her be, but right after, she’d be by their side because she couldn’t bear to even see them in that very state.

Kwan might be in a bad state, maybe SHARON thinks he’s the kind too embarrassed to even show his vulnerable side, but she didn’t care if he wanted to hide his real side from the rest of the world. I wanna be there for him and I don’t give a damn if he’s embarrassed. The two of us know each other long enough to not really care if we show our bad sides. Tiff’s mind was a disarray of thoughts and emotions, and it was also why she didn’t listen to Sharon as she walked over to the entrance of the toilets and waited.

Pauline and Sharon just followed her, despite Sharon looking at Tiffany in a “what the heck are you doing” way.

Lauren and Sayuri showed up a minute later, obviously worried since Tiff had run off with Lauren’s backpack, which she realized was still wearing it face front. The girls explained what happen, and just nodded as Sayuri fetched a cooling pack from her bag and walked over to the guys walking out.

Alec and Toby came out first, as Kwan followed with another T-shirt on.

“Oh my god are you okay?,” Tiffany inquired, her hype a little too much for the issue at hand.

“Yea I’m fine, i’m fine.” he muttered, squinting in the sunlight as he gathered his surroundings. Sayuri opened up the cooler as she placed it on the back of his neck, her motherly gesture surprising everyone. Reluctantly, Tiffany helped him put it on properly, as the group of teenagers began moving towards another destination.

“Let’s head to a ride with water” Sharon suggested, trying to change the subject away from Kwan’s earlier mishap.

“I’d rather not go on any rides I think” Kwan uttered, quieting down and walked along. The group then fell silent for the next few seconds, and switched to separate conversations. Tiffany fell behind to walk next to Kwan, and put her arms on his shoulders, adjusting the coolant stuck on his neck.

“You sure you okay? You look a little queasy” she inquired, playing around by moving him forward with his shoulders.

“I surprisingly feel much better,” he began “…a lot better from before the rollercoaster itself” He turned to catch a glimpse of screaming people on another ride, as all her friends looked at it in awe.

“I don’t think those rides are ones I’d want to go on for the time being” he then added, looking away as they headed onwards to another part of the park.

“Maybe we’ll go to Flashback!” Tiffany explained, a small smile plastered to her face, to avoid bursting into a maniac and going OH CMON WE NEED TO Go ON ALL THE SCARY RIDES FOR ALEC! 

“It has a lot of water involved, and since you’re more or less dehydrated according to Sayuri, it’ll relieve you of today’s unusually hot day and you’ll have fun!” she added, controlling his walking as a sign of being playful.

She already felt terrible for being pushy, and wanted to make up for it as they headed on to the next ride, hoping nothing would go wrong the rest of the day.


And that’s the end of this part folks! 

Just wanted to let you all know this one’s a short chapter, so it’ll end in possibly just one more part 😛

Let’s hope Tiff’s day doesn’t get too worse and stay awesome! 


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