Lesson Learned (Part 2)

Sadly, to Tiff’s utter disappointment, the day did get a teensy bit worse. Pauline decided to head the way to their ride “Flashback”, but ended up leading them to a sad zone. Right after, Kwan went over to the go-carts and started to go around the track, aggravating the already annoyed Tiffany who was already mad about their waste of time on going the wrong way.

To make matters worse, Toby and most of the gang besides Alec jumped onto the go-carts and started fooling around. Tiff was on the verge of bursting into flames, and began threatening her friend Lauren to get off by putting her back over the edge of a pond on their left.

8 minutes later, the whole group was gathered and heading to their ride, with Tiff fuming, and the rest telling her to calm down. They didn’t have much time, with about less than 45 minutes remaining. She prayed the line wouldn’t take more than 5 minutes, which it sadly did, leaving them to wait an extra 10 minutes.

By the time they’d finished getting drenched in the water that sprayed on all sides during the ride, the group set out to their last ride, which was when Kwan and the group drew the last straw.

The new ride of the park “Pulsar”, was one Tiffany had really wanted to ride ever since she saw it on TV, but the ticket price stood in the way. So when the school’s last day treat to them was the park, she was determined to go on the ride.

As they approached the ride Kwan decided to voice out his discomfort on going on the ride. Noooooo Tiff thought, as she tried to convince him to maybe change his mind.

“I’m worried I’ll get sick again…rides with wheels” he explained. Tiffany rolled her eyes, but at the same time she really wanted him to go along with the rest of the group.

“I don’t wanna go either…I’ll stay here with Kwan, you guys go…” he stated, causing Tiff to go into a state of panic and sadness.

“Guys cmon! It’s the newest ride! Even I haven’t gone on it yet. We have to try it at least once!!!” she tried convincing, but everyone started to walk away.

“Hey Tiff, it’s almost time up. That ride’s waiting is 15 minutes, and the ride is 2-3 min, which puts you on borderline, and we all don’t want to be late, do we?” Toby explained, trying to get some sense into her. Tiff’s eyes were close to tears as the group walked away from the one ride she wanted to go on badly, even ignoring Lauren’s where’s Sharon and Pauline.

I just…wanted to go on this one ride the most…I thought everyone would want to go on it too…and it was also why I wanted to finish the good rides first…Tiff’s face reflected her sadness the further they got from all the rides. They’d even missed another good ride she had planned to get Alec to ride. She wanted to curl up and cry as her day just managed to go horribly wrong.

They approached their checkpoint for the end of the day, and sat down at a table, as the boys continued talking. Tiff put her head down on the table, wishing to disappear and not be seen again. Thinking this, her head was brought up by Kwan’s voice.

“Aw cmon Tiffany. You always do this. Get depressed after having such a good time. It’s just you who’s upset about it. Get over it.”

Says you she thought and put her head down. As much as she wanted to fix everything and change herself for Kwan, sometimes she’d break down and not want to do anything. She’d give up and blame herself for being such a horrible person to him.

She went home that day, after the yearbook signing and saying her goodbye to Alec, with that thought on her mind.

Walking into her room she slumped into her sofa, and cried herself to sleep for the rest of the evening.

He’s right.


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