Ch.5 – A Walk Down Memory Lane (Part 1)

Hey guys! It’s Vivs here. 

So before you read this, I just wanted you all to know, that in this very chapter, I’ve changed quite a bit of my writing style, as I simply focus on JUST Tiffany’s character. This is a time wherein she’s going to be texting a lot, and will possibly swear, and occasionally have a lot of opinions. 

I DO want to know if you guys want me to cover stories on other characters’ perspectives too, and I hope you enjoy! 

(Also..I got so into it I made the chapter PRETTY long compared to the usual…hehe)


After days and days of continuously contemplating life during the summer, Tiffany awoke with a smile on her face….

Of course it looked hideous since her hair was standing up in all sorts of directions and she looked like the joker having a bad hair day – plus the drool and stuff ) – , but she still seemed happy that day.


Because she finally was going to go shopping, after having spent her first two weeks of summer break stuck at home, and lonely…Woohoooo

Staring into mirror as she admired how ghastly she could look in the morning, she switched her phone on, and checked for any messages.

3 snaps from Angela, 1 from Lauren, 8 from Lorenzo blah blah blah blah 

4 messages from Sayuri and…0 from Kwan…

She let out a sad sigh, as she shut the screen, trudging along the corridor to the bathroom.

Once again its ME who has to say something. How the eff could I even THINK Sayuri’s strategy could even work!? Of course he’ll not notice me once again…

Tiff could remember her long conversation with Sayuri, being told about the “scarcity principle” and how it worked a lot. She said it was worth a shot if she was that determined to fix it again, but getting over seemed the best idea.

But you see…getting over is the painful part. I can’t even bear it when he flirts with other girls. Tiff’s thought just seemed to get overwhelming, so she pushed it away as she washed up and headed on to breakfast.

Mmmm…crumpets, she said as she popped a few into the toaster and did the stupidest thing she could ever do…she sent a message to Kwan.

Scarcity principle my ass, she thought as she noticed he’d seen what she sent earlier, and shut her phone, trying to distract herself.

Fangirl-ing over Jimin I guess then…she thought as she switched to Youtube and began watching BTS videos, while munching on hot crumpets, smothered in melted butter.

Best strategy ever… until a message from Kwan popped up with a “hey”

Well guess who decided to reply. Despite how much she felt annoyed that he never bothered to text her first, the fact that he answered still made her happy.

I mean…it’s not often you have a guy who complains about stress to you…she thought, answering right away IDIOT!!

I guess I feel…special…he opened up…sorta…I mean…just to me…no…ugh…why do I think about him so MUCH!?!

She pushed her phone away, blinking away possibly tears and continued to eat her crumpet. She seemed okay the next few minutes, until not only did she remember the time, but Kwan decided to reply just then.

The fuck do you want to do to me dumbass she thought as she looked at what on her screen

“I’m tired”

Awww….wait what!? 

What time did you go to bed -_-” she typed, “lemme guess, 2am”

Kwan had been sleeping for less than 6 hours everyday, a result of continuous math classes, piled on with TOEFL studies and science. She’d talk to him everyday, hoping maybe her talking to him helped him feel better, but the more they spoke, the sadder she got because she thought she was the only one who cared. She worried every time she went to bed, him being the last thing on her mind, she’d wish she was smarter so she could help him…but she wasn’t.

No wonder he’d rather be crazy over other girls…i’m just a fat douchebag who annoys him…

“Yup” – “Sup?” he typed a minute later.

“Heading out shopping with Sayuri at 1pm..u?” she answered back. Tiff then had the feeling he’d ask how Sayu – Tiff’s nickname for Sayuri – was doing. Oh well…I’m a pain in the neck so I doubt he’ll ask stuff about me…

“Umm…isn’t it 12:15pm there?” he wrote.

“Yea…?” she answered, not expecting such an answer. “Why?” she added.

“Shouldn’t you be on the way to her house rn?” he continued. Well someone’s worried I’ll be late Kate…

“Yea I know…but I gotta eat first” she mentioned, and turned off her screen to finish the rest of her crumpets. After finishing, she saw his last message “Start walking Tiffany, or else u’ll be late”

She smiled as she walked back to her room and chose her outfit for the day, hurrying into the shower. can do this…10 minutes is achievable… she thought as she stepped into the shower and tried to shower and shave as fast as she could.

After spending 5 minutes cutting herself more than 6 times, she rinsed the conditioner out of her, the water falling onto her face as her mind reeled back in time, to the day she wished she’d done better than what really happened.


Tiffany stared out the window as the car drove down the highway, the scent of freshly washed clothes filling the enclosed space in which she, Kwan, and her dad were seated in. 

They were headed over to Sayuri’s house, about 20 minutes away, and she’d convinced her dad to give Kwan a ride as they both headed there. It was meant for her French project, but she’d managed to pull a few strings and turn it into a double date. 

Pulling into the parking space in front of her house, she and Kwan met up with Greg, heading down to her house and setting out to their first park. The first 20 minutes for Tiffany were obviously a blur, since her very own crush was walking along with her guy best friend, and Sayuri. She not only thought she’d get Greg and Sayuri to get interested in one another, but she’d get to spend some quality time with the guy whom she had strong feelings for: Kwan. 

She walked on with Sayuri next to her, recording her surroundings and taking in the beauty of that day. 

They then spent a lot of it admiring the park’s scenery, and it was in that moment Tiff thought she and Kwan could BE something. 

They’d head out to a fast food restaurant, as Sayuri and Kwan got into a talk about a video game. Tiffany just leaned her head on his shoulder, and Kwan naturally put his hand on her head, while still playing “Nova”. 

Sitting there, her head rested on his shoulder, she wished she could stay there forever, zoning out the rest of the world as she watched her day come to an end, and his hand resting on her head.


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