Well hello there~~

Just to make it short and quick, I just wanted to announce (in case my intro was read long ago so u haven’t checked) that I will be posting only once a week, every Monday.

School’s begun, and me being the enthusiastic person I am, I’ve decided to join tons of clubs, which reduces my time for homework, and also brings pressure for other activities that I do in my leisure time. Hence the choice of Mondays, and I really hope this year I’ll get a good audience…meh

Also, the next few chapters are going to be focused a little more on just one WHOLE day put into tons of parts. There is a slight chance of a huge day skip from summer to school, since my memory is often hazy about whatever happened. It’s all based on real life events and thoughts, hence the jumps here and there.

Thank you so much understanding, and stay awesome peoplessss




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