A Walk Down Memory Lane (small part 1)

The wind rushed around Tiff’s ears as she ran to the bus stop, her bag swinging over her shoulder and heart beating quickly against her chest. Her getting ready took longer than expected, as she arrived just in time to see the bus leave without noticing her.

Dammit she thought. She walked over to the shade as she tried to stay calm.

Totally fine…you just missed your bus, even though you’re already 40 minutes past the time you were supposed to be there…another 15 minutes for the next bus is not really a big deal…is it??

She’d zoned out in her shower, and when she was done, she couldn’t get her outfit to look right, nor get her hair to sit straight. So much for having long hair…

And here she was waiting for the bus, staring out into space for another 15 minutes of her life. Kwan WAS right…I should’ve started walking right then… 

The sun shone hot on her neck, as she turned on her music as the beats strummed through her ears, putting a smile on her face. She watches the cars pass, as the wind continues to blow through her braids, and her cap shielding her eyes.

A couple of minutes had passed as the bus finally showed up, halting in front of her with the sign showing 8 min until departure. Tiffany glanced down at her watch, showing 1:38 on her watch, as her feet started tapping impatiently once she took a seat. I’ll have to end early with Sayuri today…

Hey guys, I haven’t gotten that much of a chance to update this chapter too much, so I’m putting up what I have so far. This chapter will go on for a bit, because even though I have all the plot set up, I need to get that huge time transition to fit new future conflicts I’m thinking of bringing up. 

Hope you all understand.




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