A Walk Down Memory Lane (small part 2)

Tiffany looked out the window, as the scenery blurred as the bus moved at a constant speed. She took in a deep breath, as the vehicle slowly arrived at her destination, and she reached down into her bag to take out her metro card. The music shifted to a sadder song, as she made her way into the building and down the staircase, in time to catch her ride which was going to last for a good 25 minutes.

Taking a seat in the corner, she settled down with her backpack on her lap, and looked out once more, this time faced with darkness as the metro car raced past tunnels. She glanced at her watch, and started tapping her feet, but little did it calm her restlessness. Well Sayuri’s gonna get annoyed…


Gosh why is my life like this Tiff muttered as she entered the building and took the elevator up to Sayuri’s house. It’s always effin messed up. 

“Heyyyyyyyyyy” was the first thing Tiff managed to hear as she was engulfed in a big hug by Sayuri, her voice squealing at finally meeting up with her bestie.

“Uh..hey” was all she could say, even though she was really excited now that she’d arrived. Sayuri let go and rushed to get her things, as Tiff opened her phone and texted Kwan who was still studying.

‘Got here ehe…an hour late’

He replied that very second. ‘OMFG what is wrong with you’


‘Why the eff are u late?’

Tiff let out a chuckle. ‘At least I’m here’

‘I hate when people show up super late’

‘Pfft idc’

‘Well next time…DO’

‘Whatever’ she typed, before Sayuri rushed downstairs to put her shoes on. “Let’s gooooo” she said, and Tiff got up to follow her.

‘Gtg, see ya’ she sent before heading down to the metro station with Sayuri and they went on their awaited shopping trip together.


Hehehehehehe I just decided I’ll post since I already have delayed so many. 

Hope you guys enjoy it and um…I’ll have one on Monday too~~~

And brace for after 2-3 weeks, where I’ll be posting a set of posts to a huge time transition, as I suck at recalling too many events after awhile. Woohoo I have so much emotional drama to share…

Stay Awesome peoples~~~


Vivs ❤


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