*ATTENTION* Change of Story

Heya Guys,

So basically, I haven’t been able to post any chapters or parts whatsoever in almost a month…? Which kinda concerns me, since I should be responsible enough to post stuff once a week. 

On top of that, I jumped to the ultimate conclusion, that I in fact, struggled all this time, because I no longer had the vibe to recall events, and because I have too much to write about which I feel should’ve been done a long time ago when I still remembered all the stuff..but I was…*ahem* lazy… Gosh it was summer..who ISN’T lazy…

Therefore, I’ve made the decision to to bring a rogue chapter in, and jump to the big connecting parts which make everyone time travel to Tiffany’s state right now. It’ll take quite a few parts, as a lot of things have changed, and people probs won’t be ready to take all that info in one go…

Hope you all can understand, and stay put for a new rogue chapter just popping in!!!




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