Chapter 1: A New Couple In Town

The sun beat down on the busy city of Baletown, as 4 lazy teenagers walked along the zebra crossing, the air filled with a sense of love. A young boy, 15 to be exact, walked shoulder to shoulder with another girl, her silky black hair brushing his shoulder every now and then. Two giggling girls followed right behind them, curious to see if the boy would make a move. They shared the same height, one with a darker skin tone, her wavy black hair blowing crazily in the soft breeze of the evening. Her arms were weighed down by several bags in her hands, but that didn’t stop her from watching the two lovebirds in front of her.

She leaned closer to her partner and whispered, “I bet they’re gonna hold hands soon.”

“Ya, I think so too,” her partner replied, her short blonde hair glinting in the sunlight. Her eyes were the similar dark brown to Tiffany’s, but Tiff’s Indian features caused hers to show much darker. The two girls continued to watch in excitement as Greg walked with ease in front of them. At the same time, he finally reached in to hold Sayuri’s hand. She didn’t flinch, and in that very moment, Tiff knew she’d just brought together a new couple.

It wasn’t the first time she’d gone out of her way to get two people together, but it sure was the first time they both had fallen for each other AND gotten to the point wherein they’d now start going out. The last time she’d tried to get her good friend’s crush to like her back, she’d ended up falling for him, and things hadn’t gone so well. Instead she’d befriended Greg in the process, and seeing his sad state, introduced him to Saiyuri. And let’s just say…it worked out pretty well.

So here she was walking behind the couple, while she and her bestie, Lauren, felt single as ever at their very action of holding hands. They’d spent the evening studying for the math test to be held the next day, Tiff, the lovebirds, Lauren, along with Sharon and Kwan. Most of the evening had gone with Sharon asking Kwan too many questions on Math, whilst Tiff and Lauren had ended up doing sums and just getting frustrated with life. On top of that, Tiff hadn’t been able to stand Sharon’s desperation for Kwan’s attention all the time, because despite him friend-zoning her, she was tired of seeing Sharon trying with him again.

Of course, Sharon WAS the girl Tiffany had originally set out to possibly get Kwan to like, but instead she’d gotten to know an amazing guy, fallen for him at the stupidest time, and ended up endangering her friendship with Sharon. Tiff had actually thought that it would work out with Kwan, but instead it had driven her crazy over him, and he finally told it had led him to no longer see her as more than a friend. She’d been devastated, and upset but it sort of hit home when she told Sharon about it and so she went full on “get-close-to-Kwan” mode.

Same applied for the girl he’d also liked before, but who was Tiffany to decide anymore. It was her fault she’d screwed it up with Kwan, now she had no right to interfere with whomsoever he chose to pursue next. Kwan as usual, used it to annoy her and sometimes play with her feelings like he always did, but it had fixed Tiff’s craziness too.

She hadn’t let Sayuri do the same in Greg’s case though. Tiff’s close friendship with both lovers had always been the advantage the two faced, because she wasn’t one to let hearts break so easily. It’s what led to what Lauren and her faced in front of them, the two hands interlocked and swinging at every step.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!!!!”, Tiff exclaimed while Lauren just started making imaginary hearts at the two of them. They were planning to walk all the way to Wover stop for Lauren’s Tram, so Tiff still had awhile with all of them together as a group. Her eyes always passed the two holding hands, and she’d often get a sad feeling in her stomach. The usual “if I hadn’t been such an idiot with Kwan” thought, and how she’d gotten so close to having what she always wanted: a relationship. Seeing her best friend find her guy was adorable and joyous, but it also reminded her of what she’d screwed up.

As they arrived Wover, Sayuri pointed out to the shops along the street, a wide smile on her face. Greg’s dyed hair color shone brighter, and his eyes contained a sense of longing. A sense of longing for more of her, Tiffany guessed. They waited for the Tram, the temperature slowly cooling down with the day coming to an end. It arrived after a long 5 minutes, and Tiff suddenly felt like she didn’t belong there with Greg and Sayuri holding hands together.

She sort of wished she were invisible…or even able to teleport, as the two just leaned into each other and watched cars go by. The 10 minute wait for the bus felt like forever as she sat on the end of the bench, her eyes avoiding looking at them two. Starting a conversation felt like an awkward choice, leaving Tiff to just quietly watching different cars, taking in their looks. Kwan would’ve begun a whole lecture on cars if he’d been there with them. He’d have avoided Tiff from feeling like a misplaced piece with them. AHH…she once again was thinking about him…perfect. Just the thought you want to have when with a couple on a beautiful sunny evening, and you feel single AF.

When the bus arrived, Tiff swore she could’ve just kissed the first guy on that bus for saving her from the misery of single-life thoughts.

C’est la vie – Short Story Series

Holo world, and today I present to you, my NEW commitment of the summer! Yup, I have another commitment in my ever so long list of “commitments” that I keep stating every thing now and then and not stick to…

Anyways, I sort of promised myself this summer that I’d work on my creative writing, in order to have had a good practice for 10th grade that’s coming up right after. It’s basically a series of stories that I’m going to be writing, about a set of teenagers, the story mainly focused on Tiffany Parks, a fifteen year old expat living in the unpredictable country of Utonia (fictional place), and studying in part of the city known as Baletown.

I was planning to write a few stories to begin with, and then hand the plot-making to all you peoples. So don’t hesitate to comment what you think and ENJOY!!!!


Vivs ❤

When you realize you have a blog…WOAH

It’s been a while (technically it’s been super duper long), and it is the time I realize, OMFG VIVIAN!!! You have an effin blog!?!?

I sincerely apologize for not posting at all, and like I’ve mentioned a lot of times before, I suck at commitments, and currently I’m working on that.

I mean, a lot of romantic drama happened, no friendship drama (thank god), and I basically failed French, but there wasn’t much to share. But on top of that I had H.W. everyday and I completely was NOT prepared to handle stress at this point in life, but VOILA… it’s life bitches!!!

Thankfully, I’m not going anywhere for the summertime, hence I need to have some kind of pass-time or job to do besides studying, and I guess blogging will really help.

This post isn’t much to be honest, but I’m hoping to have a couple of posts out and about by next week, mainly on the amazing amount of love knowledge I have acquired, along with a couple of lessons I’ve learned being a freshman in High School.

So c’est fini mes amis, and stay awesomeeeeee


Vivs ❤


Why I suck at commitments…

Yup…I suck at commitments. Its not like I’ve really gotten into too many in the past few years, but when you have too many…it sort of becomes hard to control all the same time.

For example, I’m basically in my freshman year of high school, but its Middle School where I’m studying (long story…too lazy to explain), which means they basically are trying to prepare us for the horrors of high school. BUT, not everyone can brace for impact, especially someone like me, because I’m the kind of person who pounces on too many activities and ends up over-stressing her life.

So in a normal week, I have rehearsals for School Musical from 4-6 pm on Mondays, sometimes rehearsals from 4-6 pm, then Badminton training from 6:30 pm to 7:40 (its actually till 8, but I leave early for something else), and I rush to my music theory class which ends at 10 pm…which is when I finally get to begin on H.W. After that, Wednesdays I have piano lessons, and then Thursday I either volunteer for CAS or have more drama rehearsals. And Fridays…meh its my relaxation time along with my beautiful Saturday and Sunday…

But it’s always a stressful week for me…I suck at commitments..I’m working on it. And then I realize Vivian…wtf…u also have a blog to take care of and I panic because I have almost 4 different drafts of posts that I’ve wanted to post, but I have been SO lazy to write because of how stressed I get. And judging by my last post, there’s my ever changing love life which annoys and if it just got solved, I’d have ONE less thing to worry about.

Oh well..I apologize for being so lazy, and I’ll try my best to blog  little more. And maybe I’ll finally manage to get some of my drafts into final pieces.

Meh (my signature word these days), au revoir peoples! 😛

Love ❤


Words Can Bring Me Down


The washroom door bursts open as Amelia rushes in with the strong urge to throw up, but her empty stomach brings out nothing. Her tears fall onto her pencil skirt, creating dark gray spots wherever they touch, and her nose waters like one of a child in the cold. She knows she can’t do anything about it, they will never be the same again.

8 hours ago

Amelia hummed to the beat of her favorite pop song, as she typed away an email to someone she’d never met before. The sound of her typing on the keys added a sort of rhythmic beat to her song, as she continued humming, and started to tap her feet.

Many people passed her small cubicle that afternoon. She’d meet the eyes of men in gray suits with beards so white it could pierce your eyes, and middle aged women in extremely precarious heels and expensive perfume. But every now and then, she’d fidget with the brown file in her hands, the bold print just sending shivers down her spine. Once in awhile she’d glance up to see who was passing, her light green eyes darting here and there to catch a glimpse of someone new. She knew most of her glances were all meant for that one person. The one who’d stolen her heart 6 months ago. He sat 15 meters across her cubicle, his hair messed around his head, with a constant expression of being engrossed in a story. If she was lucky, she’d often catch a quick smile whenever he’d finish a good part in his article.

But today wasn’t one of those days. She glanced at his desk once again to look out for him, and found herself looking at a merely new couple making out like idiots in a workplace. She could only see the back of the woman’s head, her highlights straight like sticks against her back. Her blue dress hugged her skinny figure, and her bony arms wrapped around a man, whom she couldn’t seem to figure out at first sight.

Her impatient humming stopped the moment they pulled away, and she laid eyes on them both, his brown eyes sparkling as he spoke, while her bright red lipstick complemented her face as she giggled.

Amelia felt the sudden tumble of her heart drop to the floor, it’s beat dying at every little kiss the Caleb and the woman shared in each other’s arms. Her cheeks burned, and her vision started to blur with the forming of tears. She rushed off her chair to the bathroom, her feet sticky on the cold marble floor.

She hated to walk with her heels around the office, the clacking of it’s small tip on the floor would send her into a fit of swears. Only Caleb could stop her fits, whenever they occurred. Sometimes, when desperate for his attention, she’d wear her heels and walk around, sometimes even overdo the swearing.

“You know how much I love you getting mad Amie-bee, but just take it down a notch? Please?” he’d say with his big brown eyes. If she’d still be mad, he’d add on with a “for me?” and act like a tantrum throwing toddler, but he knew she’d always say yes. He’d known her for 2 years, and in that time, they had gotten to know each other well. At least she thought she knew him well.

She stumbled into the ladies’ room, and her legs felt like they’d give away any minute, unable to hold the burden of losing him. She turned towards the mirror and could see her eyes were close to overflowing with tears. Quickly enough, she grabbed a tissue and soaked the tears near her tear ducts. One couldn’t tell if her cheeks were burning red, but her nose had started to pop out like those red tomatoes one would see in salads.

She turned on the tap, and put her hands under the coolness of the flowing tap water, her pink-sparkly nails glistening in the light of the room. She looked at them in sadness, remembering how Caleb had made his sister get a free paint job for them. He’d even chosen the color for her, out of the 100 bottles that she’d been faced with.

Right then, a woman walked in. Her hair moved from side to side as her every step bounced in the stick thin heels she wore on her pale feet. Amelia completely knew who this woman was, she’d seen the many pictures of her at Caleb’s apartment. Her hair had been completely brown in those pictures, with soft waves at the ends, and a beautiful set of ocean blue eyes. She remembered being jealous that day he told her about Kiara.

She’s been my best friend since we were in kindergarten. All the way up to prom night, her whole dress covered in sparkles. Like you,” he’d said with a chuckle. They’d dated all through high school, until she’d broken up with him to study law out of the country. He’d been devastated when she left him, and he’d never dated a soul ever again.

Amelia watched her from the corner of her eye, drying her red hands on a towel, as Kiara opened up a bottle of mascara to re-apply to her already caked with black eyelashes. She wondered what Caleb ever saw in her, besides a woman obsessed with her looks and work. She’d even read about Kiara Meyers, second best lawyer on Jophers street, Tevalia City. Won 203 cases and lost only 2, out of which one of them was reopened 2 days ago, meaning she was in town for awhile.

She continued to watch her, until she herself came up behind Amelia to dry her hands. She caught a glimpse of Kiara’s eyes at that split second, and she felt as if those crystal-like globes had the capability of reading everything that she’d just thought. She even thought she saw a glimpse of recognition in those two blue circles, despite them never really laying eyes on each other before. Kiara’s angular chin cocked sideways, and her eyelashes fluttered as she suddenly began to speak.

“Oh my god! It is really you!” she uttered in a posh voice. Her red lips reminded Amelia of those women who spent thousands on expensive lipstick. She’d almost have fooled herself to think Kiara had blood on her lips, with her smile revealing her sharp canines, as she looked Amelia up and down.

She fiddled with the tissue in her hand as she tried her best to say with trembling lips “Sorry, who are you referring to here?”

“Oh, how silly of me” Kiara responded, a sudden triumphant look in her eyes, as she offered to shake Amelia’s hand, “I’m Caleb’s best friend. Oh! Excuse me, his girlfriend

Amelia’s hand shakingly shook the boney fingers reaching out to her, her dark skin contrasting against her pale and yet soft palm. The light of the room caused the many diamond rings to sparkle on her fingers, and the steel left it’s coolness on her warm palm.

It reminded her of the expose she’d done on this very woman 2 months ago. A lawyer who’d been hardcore on her jobs, and even let murderers go free into the city. Corrupt men who had gotten away with money laundering charges with her as their lawyer. Even her boyfriends had been extremely wealthy people. And Caleb’s recent announcement of being head of the Stories section from next week, meant she could hit the jackpot with just her advantages. The promotion’s  announcement was even on television last week, after his article on the new “Animals Bill” became successful worldwide. Being his girl would mean getting loads of attention, which is why Caleb had gotten 40 different offers from women to go on a date in the past 2 weeks.

Kiara’s blue eyes continued to sparkle as she spoke to Amelia, a sneered tone beginning to hint in her voice “I’ve heard A LOT about you Amelia. Caleb hasn’t even finished one conversation without mentioning you, his ‘Amie bee’ ”

Amelia’s eyes pointed to the floor as her cheeks started to burn with embarrassment, but she felt the sadness of how despite him giving her that special name, it never meant something to him. Kiara looked at her in awe, staring into her leaf green eyes, and Amelia tried her best to focus. She wanted to cry that very second, cry all that pain she felt that Caleb would no longer love her.

But in that moment itself, Amelia realized something. Kiara loved Caleb because of how easy going and loyal he was to the person he thought was his Kiara. It made Amelia want to look at those pretty blue eyes with spite and hate, that she’d do anything to break down that place, make Caleb open his eyes. She wanted him to see how abominable a person Kiara was, how what he thought she still was had died the day she broke up with him.

Caleb didn’t know Kiara’s ugly truth.  The expose was yet to be approved.

 He had to know.

When she finally left the bathroom, Amelia quickly sobbed a little more before heading to her own desk. She just stared at the words on her computer screen, “Kiara Meyers” written in bold as the title, as she she clicked on the “attach to email” button. The account she was using wasn’t hers, it was somebody else’s. It was someone who wanted Caleb to know the truth, to realize who his girlfriend was. One who was wanted Caleb to herself, to love and care and call her his “Amie bee”. Her fingers trembled as she wrote words she’d never imagined to ever utter in front of Caleb. Things she’d never imagined to do to Caleb.

With one final gulp of air, Amelia clicked the ‘send’ button just as she felt the turn of her chair to feel the warm feeling of Caleb’s mouth against hers.

The End

*title credit (most of it) to the Christina Aguilera song: Beautiful. Plus there are places that are fictional in this. 

And that is what I wrote a few weeks ago (after cutting half of it for English Class). I really hope you all like it, and I’d love to get some feedback. I do feel really sorry as I have barely posted a thing for a really long time, but with the stress of projects and Christmas break coming up, I have tons of drafts but nothing to ready enough to publish. I hope this can make it up 🙂

Stay Awesome 😀

Vivian ❤

Love Never Makes Sense

“Josh, does Coby like Amato?” Vess reluctantly asks, a sad tone to her question. He looks at her face, sort of neutral and doesn’t look away.

“Yes, he does,” he finally says, and Vess’ assumptions are finally confirmed. She’d already guessed it once he kept on walking without her whenever that girl was around. She just needed someone he was close to, to confirm it, make it official for her to finally accept. But she didn’t want to; she wanted it to be that he didn’t like Amato, that he just wanted to see if she really cared about him. But that too is a totally odd idea, but far better than the ugly truth Vess was facing.

“Why, Josh? The same thing happened last year! And then she…”

“She’s not a monster, Vess, not the way you think of her to be. She likes him again, and he does as well. You need to accept that”

“But she did the same thing to me in 6th grade for the guy I liked,” Vess protests, frustrated to the core.

“Yeah, and it was Coby, right?” he says, backing away and going to his friends. Vess looks at him in disbelief, and her happy bubble, bursts, letting a huge glob of depression form around her.

A pain starts to form in her chest, overwhelming her and forming a sudden burden on her that she decides to just go back to her dorm room. Lucy can tell something is wrong, but she keeps quiet as they walk barefoot, the wind blowing on their faces.

Halfway there, the ground becomes stony and cold. Lucy stuffs her feet into her shoes, but Vess just walks bearing the pain. That is how much the thought of losing Coby feels to her, and she keeps feeling it, all the way till they arrive the room. She leaves her shoes outside, walks in, and leans against the wall in wait for the shower. Her friends, confused looks on their faces pass her as they exit the room. But Vess just ignores their many looks, for all she can think about, is the crushing feeling she gets when Amato and Coby walk side by side.

Warm liquid brims up into Vess’ eyes, and it trickles down her burning cheeks, sending down a relief she can’t bring herself to ever feel.


Hello World!

And before my writing mood runs down from 5% to 0%, I have an amazing announcement to make!

I finally finished writing my whole MUST READ PAGE! And I’m happy the way it turned out! 😛

But, I did it on a page, which means people need to be aware of it! Plus, why copy paste it all on this post when you can just go onto the page!? (i’m just lazy…that’s all)

So just click on this “word” or just click on that button on the side! You know…the one that has lines, and then gives you a list of pages? You have to click on Must reads??

I really hope you like it, and if you do, just like this post (or the page if possible). Comment if you feel like it, and also please oh please I’d love some suggestions on books!!!

Stay Awesome World!

Vivian ❤

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